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Tampa Pro 2007.

NIKE SPONSORED this year's Tampa Pro, and the purse came in caliente with 100 grand. MTV crews followed Dyrdek and Big Black around, Fuel TV's crew was there, free Pabst Blue Ribbon flowed all weekend, catered food tent, chiropractors and massage therapists on hand, roller skate chicks in fish nets, and even a porn star lurking around--shit--the X-Gaymes got nothing on this contest! And the skaters don't even have to wear helmets. For more in depth coverage, go to

[1] ERIC KOSTON skated like he was dorking around--but killed the contest. Looks like he has fun the entire time he skates. Eric went straight to the finals for winning a previous Tampa contest. 360 flip noseslides on the bank to ledge, frontside flip fakie nose manual up the step-up box, nollie crooks on the bank to ledge, back Smith and back lips on the big rail, switch heel on the double set, and even an invert and a judo air on the big quarterpipe to boot. A real pleasure to see him back in Tampa. When he heard he won, he stage dove into the crowd and chugged what was left of the champagne that didn't get sprayed all over him, Jereme, and P-Rod.

[2] JEREME ROGERS makes me glad I wasn't a judge at this contest; it must have been close. Jereme's a smooth skateboarder all around. Frontside bigspin, fakie flip, switch tre flip down the double set, switch tailslide bigspin out on the bank to ledge, switch back tail down the hubba, and switch crooked grinds down the big rail every time. A very deserved second place. Came up on 15,000 dollars, and even got a free tattoo at the contest to add to his collection.

[3] PAUL RODRIGUEZ was another contender for first place with switch flips every time down the double set, bigspin boardslides on the smaller rail, and switch tailslides on the big rail. His first run was off the charts. Paul rolled his ankle at the end of his second run, though, and couldn't skate his final one.

[4] NICK DOMPIERRE's first contest entering the pro ranks, he skated consistent the whole weekend. Blunt variations and frontside crooks down the big rail, he ollied the whole entire manual pad from flat and earned himself fourth place. Nice work.

[5] RICK McCRANK can skate just about any type of terrain, and he skates faster than most. McCrank is a definite favorite amongst the crowd. Frontside disasters up on the big vert wall, frontside flips on the quarter, long, smooth 15-foot back tailslides through the bowled corner, ollie up to nosepick five-feet above the quarterpipe, and back 5-0s across and down the hubba.

[6] GREG LUTZKA couldn't get his fight out of Milwaukee due to weather, so he and his father packed up the car and drove 20 hours straight to Tampa. He made it about an hour before his run in the semifinals. His dad slept out in the car during the whole contest. Now that's dedication, which got him plenty of gas money for the ride back to Milltown.

[7] ROB DYRDEK brought the MTV crew and Big Black with him to Tampa this year. Steve Berra and Rob had a personal bet between them: whoever did better, the other had to kick down a whopping $5,000. When all was said and done, Berra got 30th, and Dyrdek placed ninth in the finals. Berra paid up in cash. I assume five Gs is a drop in the bucket compared to Rob's bank account, so he ended up throwing all the money--in ones--off the vert ramp after Bill Weiss pulled the infamous naked 540. Kids and grown-ups stacked their pockets with one-dollar bills. I think a good amount of people came up on a couple hundred dollars each.

[8] JOHN RATTRAY hails from Aberdeen, Scotland. John is a real pleasure to watch fly around the course. Body jars and backside airs on the large quarter, 50-50 body varial out on the bank to flatbar, and ollie off the quarter to slider fakie on the vert wall. He even made it to Schaefer's after-hours party that night ... a real trooper.

[9] MIKE PETERSON is no stranger to a contest at Tampa. 2 Live Crew during his runs kept his style loose as always. Skating fast and having fun is what Mike is all about. He qualified first in the semifinals. Blunt kickflip to fakie on the quarterpipe, back tails down the rail, and finished up his last run with a blunt fakie on the big vert wall--by far the gnarliest thing to go down on that wall. The whole place went nuts.

[10] TOMMY SANDOVAL is a caveman on wheels. It was rumored he even had a caveman suit with him. Where was it? Backside flips down the double set, frontside pivot to fakies on the big quarter, frontside 180 nosegrinds on the big rail, and he even threw in kickflip manuals on the manual pad. Tommy had the best hat at the contest with pot leafs all over it, and was also a key figure having a good time at Schaefer's after party.

[11] BILLY MARKS is the Skatepark of Tampa's official gambling team manager. Kickflip boardslides on the rail, kickflip lipslides on the bank to flatbar, and locked in back Smiths on the hubba.

[12] NILTON NEVES held it down for Brazil. Nilton missed a few tricks here and there but skated with a lot of style.


BEST TRICK THIS YEAR was on the rail and two opposing hubbas. For 30 minutes there were flying bodies and spinning boards coming from all directions at a shot for the loot. Jereme Rogers broke the ice with a switch inward heelflip noseslide down the hubba, which began the contest, after he backed it up by taking it down the rail and also nailing a switch bigspin front board. Greg Lutzka had a frontside half-Cab flip front board to fakie. Billy Marks was in there with a switch big heelflip lipslider down the rail. Adam Dyet came through with two tricks on the rail, a nollie bigspin heel back lip, and a kickflip backside tailslide bigspin out. Gailea Momolu came clean on a nollie heel back tail on a hubba and took second. Stefan Janoski snatched first place, and got that Nike money with a buttery switch flip crooked grind on the rail.


1. A porn star lurking at the contest with all of her clothes on the entire weekend

2. Weiss with his clothes off

3. Dude shooting photos and getting in the way during the contest--with no media credential and no place to run his photos

4. A bowl troll by the name of Will Power in the street contest jumping off the upper deck into the quarterpipe during Rattray's run

5. Weiss receiving a Schaefer tattoo on his ass

6. Schaefer paying him $300

7. Schaefer receiving a Weiss and Canadian flag tattoo on his calf

8. Schaefer kissing the tattoo on Weiss' ass in front of everybody in the park

9. Me getting none of the loot that Dyrdek threw out off the vert ramp

10. Me not making it to a strip club while in Tampa

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1. Eric Koston, $20,000

2. Jereme Rogers, $15,000

3. Paul Rodriguez, $10,000

4. Nick Dompierre

5. Rick McCrank

6. Greg Lutzka

7. Rob Dyrdek

8. John Rattray

9. Mike Peterson

10. Tommy Sandoval

11. Billy Marks

12. Nilton Neves


1. Pierre Luc Gagnon, $7,000

2. Mathias Ringstrom, $5,000

3. Buster Halterman, $3,000

4. Anthony Furlong, $2,000

5. Neal Hendrix, $1,500


1. Stefan Janoski, switch flip crooks/rail

2. Gailea Momolu, nollie heel back tail/hubba

3. Adam Dyet, kickflip back tail bigspin out/rail

4. Greg Lutzka, frontside half-Cab flip front board fakie/rail

5. Billy Marks, switch big heel lipslide/rail
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