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Tampa Engineering Firm Internal Command Releases New Energy Saving And Fluid Measurement System.

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TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 28, 2001

Internal Command International, Inc., a Tampa based engineering firm, announces to the electrical production, power tool, chemical industries, household appliance and beverage manufacturers a revolutionary valve powered technology called the Energy Commander III, that will have a global impact.

The system of new patent pending valve technology converts normal water or fluid flow into electrical energy and compressed air power. The system will cost a fraction of what a solar power systems cost.

The daily household or commercial usage of water will produce energy from already utilized water pressure to generate electricity, supply lighting, power to telephones, to computers, and to other devices within homes or businesses by direct use or storage in battery arrays.

The water or fluid continues to it's destination with negligible interruption. The exact fluid measurement capability of the system will revolutionize the fluid measurement industries for a fraction of the cost of current measurement devices.

With the system, all electrical power generated by the unit is without cost to the homeowner or business beyond the cost of the units themselves.

Third world countries, remote locations, and areas experiencing blackouts will benefit with the system when flowing water is available. Compressed air is also made from the valve drive system at no additional cost, for storage or use in whatever industries have the need.

Craig A. Huffman, President of Internal Command International commented: "What started fourteen years ago as a request by a beverage manufacturer to come up with a system of measurement for output from beer kegs without any external power source, has grown into a system which will have global impact. The savings on electrical use in homes and businesses will only be limited by the scale to which the companies purchasing the licensing rights to our system can imagine. With the multi-function ability of the system, including precise fluid measurement, air compression and even elevator safety use in power outages, we are not even sure we have discovered every use of this system. It will save industries and consumers vast sums when put to use."

James Thomas, Corporate Manager of Internal Command International stated: "With our licensing of this technology, the affected industries around the world who have already seen the potential of this valve system, will outclass their competitors, be it electrical, power tool, fluid measurement, elevator safety, or air compression."

Internal Command is accepting E-mail inquiries for exclusive licencing of this technology from manufacturers and other interested parties. Inquiries and questions can be made to
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 28, 2001
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