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Taming computer calendars.

Taming computer calendars

Many accountants resist using a computerized calendar program, preferingjotting a note on a paper calendar to learning a complex computer program. Campbell Services, Inc.'s OnTime is capable of changing that preference.

OnTime, for DOS and Windows, is very easy to use. While it takes only a half-hour to read the instructions, users don't need to because most of the program's operation is intuitive.

OnTime does everything most calendar programs do, plus a few handy extras: It handles recurring appointments (for example, yearly, every third Thursday, fortnightly or even every fourth day); sets up to-do lists according to priorities; provides an alarm that discreetly beeps and flashes a customized message on the screen no matter what application program is running; tracks down lost appointments ("When is my appointment with Joe Jones?") by doing keyword searches; and prints weekly, monthly or yearly calendars and appointments in several formats, including a pocket-sized sheet.

OnTime can be run as a memoryresident program, which means it can be launched without exiting another application program, and a network version is available. The singleversion price is $129.95.

For details, write to Campbell Services, Inc., 21700 Northwestern Highway, Suite 1070, Southfield, Michigan 48075, or call (313) 5595955.
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Date:Sep 1, 1992
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