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(or Tamburlaine, corruption of Timur i Leng [Timur the Lame]; 1336 - 1405) Mongol conqueror, great - great - grandson of Genghis Khan. After establishing his capital at Samarkand, Tamerlane conquered great parts of Russia, Persia, India, and central Asia, and died while preparing to invade China.

Tamburlaine the Great, a blank verse tragedy, was Christopher Marlowe's first play. In it Tamburlaine becomes a bloodthirsty, inhuman villain, and the action consists of one atrocity after another.

In Nicholas Rowe's play Tamerlane (1702), the warrior appears as a calm, philosophic prince, out of compliment to William III. There is an early poem called " Tamerlane " by Edgar Allan Poe.

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