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Tamas Istenes: an update.

Beata [Bishop] is a native of Hungary. She was diagnosed with spreading Melanoma in 1981 and recovered on the Gerson Therapy. During her therapy, she wrote a delightful book, A Time to Heal, describing her experiences and feelings. After her book was translated into Hungarian. she was in great demand as a speaker in Hungary. She travels there twice a year and lectures to medical staffs on the Gerson Therapy along with psychological healing. As a result. we have seen a number of Hungarian patients in Mexico. During the month of May, 1995, just before her present trip to Mexico and the Gerson Institute in Bonita, she spent a few weeks in Hungary where she spoke to and met with some former Gerson patients. She brought back a number of recovered patient stories. The most exciting and dramatic one was that of Tamas Istenes. He was seven years old when he was brought to Mexico, in June. 1993. In March, 1992, he was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma (a diffuse endothelioma or endothelial myeloma forming tumors on long bones. for which Medical Diagnosis and Treatment claims "very poor prognosis").

He had been treated with chemotherapy prior to coming to Mexico, but his cancer had spread from his pelvis into the soft tissues. He was pale and thin, and had lost his hair. He was surprisingly well disciplined and willing to eat the unsalted, vegetarian foods and drink the fresh juices.

On one of her trips to Hungary, Beata was able to visit the Istenes family. She brought back two pictures of Tamas: one made at the time of his visit to the Mexican Gerson Hospital--bald. thin and sickly looking. The other one, a strong healthy looking kid, then nine years old, after two years on the Gerson Therapy. His dramatic recovery is underscored by another fact:

He was one of a group of seven children all suffering from Ewing's Sarcoma, who were all being treated with chemotherapy at the same time as Tamas. The six others. without Gerson Therapy, are all dead. Tamas is alive and well. His mother said that he had excellent appetite and is active and growing normally.


We have an update on Tamas' recovery:

In March of 2006, Tamas' mother sent an e-mail, as follows:

My name is Mrs Erika Istenes. My son, Tamas Istenes, had Ewing's sarcoma in 1991-1992. We spent two weeks with him in the Gerson Hospital in Mexico in June 1992, and he was very successful with the Gerson Therapy. His tumor disappeared in three months, and [he is] very healthy today as well. He was seven years old at that time, and he just turned 20 in January.

The most important impact of this story is the response to the criticisms of jealous orthodox oncologists: When patients who have previously been treated with chemo recover on the Gerson Therapy, they claim that it was the chemo that 'cured' them! The above story shows that chemotherapy killed six children who were treated exclusively with these toxic drugs; only Tamas, the one child who was removed from the group and did the Gerson Therapy recovered, and has now survived for 13 years.

The below original article appeared in the Healing Newsletter in 1995.
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Title Annotation:Hungarian Boy with Ewing's Sarcoma
Author:Gerson, Charlotte
Publication:Gerson Healing Newsletter
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Date:May 1, 2006
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