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Tam o'Shanter.

Tam o'Shanter

(1791) A narrative poem by Robert Burns, based on the legend that no manner of spirit or sprite could cross the middle of a running stream. On his way home one night, a little drunk, Tam sees witches and warlocks dancing in the Kirk of Alloway. Delighted, he calls out to one " winsome wench " among the beldams, " Weel done, Cutty Sark! " Immediately the lights go out, and the witches come down on Tam, who rides for his life until he has reached the middle of the bridge over the Doon. Being past the middle of the stream, he is out of the witches ' power, but his mare's tail is not, and Cutty Sark catches hold of this and pulls it off.

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Date:Jan 1, 1987
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