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Tam Cowan: Lay off wee Craig ..big Ron's comedy hairdo was enough to put anybody off; Brush with disaster.

Byline: Tam Cowan

IT'S the big debate that's got the nation talking. Should he keep his place against Clyde tomorrow - or should Martin O'Neill hand the jersey to someone else?

Personally, I reckon the Celtic boss should give Craig Bellamy another chance.

Okay, there's no denying it was a monumental blunder - one-on-one against Waterreus, you'd expect much better from a pounds 45,000-a-week striker - but let's not forget this was his very first game for the Hoops.

Against Rangers. In front of a 60,000 crowd. And up against the biggest distraction of them all - big Ronald's comedy hairdo.

So let's give Bellamy a break. And the same goes for Rab Douglas. As the hedgehog said when it climbed off the scrubbing brush, we all make mistakes.

Sure, it was a costly error but so was signing Brazilian flop Juninho on pounds 40,000 a week. Does this mean it's also time for O'Neill to consider replacing himself?

It's just been one of those weeks for the men between the sticks.

Not long after Rab's howler, the Liverpool keeper sold the Jerzys by putting the 'dud' into Dudek. And then you'd have been forgiven for thinking the full name of Man United's goalie was Roy Carroll Muggleton.

After mentioning that blast from the not-too-distant past, hands up all the Celtic fans who still think big Rab's the worst keeper you've ever seen.

The Parkhead punters have been sticking the boot into Douglas all week. My mate Brendan reckons he should forget about football and take up basketball after proving how good he is at chucking the ball into the net.

Meanwhile, the news that Leicester are keen on signing him surprised another one of my Celtic-minded pals.

'You'd think someone with Craig I think Rangers will beat Celtic at Parkhead - 2-0 if I'm pushed - - and go on to lift the SPL trophy.

TAM'S TOP TIP: Mystic Cowan gets it right with his Old Firm prediction last weekLevein's money would be able to afford a subscription to Setanta,' he said.

I must say I was greatly amused by the list of people lining up to support big Rab - Rangers legend Ally McCoist, Clyde boss Billy Reid and Italy midfielder Rino Gattuso.

Anyone spot any vested interest? Scotland boss Walter Smith says Douglas will beon the plane next month(good on you,Waldo) and, nope,that doesn't mean he'll be taking half an inch off his kitchen door.

That's just the boost he needs after a hellish week and I hope O'Neill stands by his man at Broadwood tomorrow.

Clyde seem quietly confident of upsetting the odds (whether it's Douglas, Hedman or Marshall who gets the nod, only a bampot would back the Hoops at 1-8) and I hope they win.

You see, in the event of a big Cup shocker, Clyde's chrome-dome defender Gary Bollan, a guest on Thursday's Off The Ball, has promised (well, kinda) to grow a Drew Jarvie-style comb over in time for the semi-final.

Wouldn't that be well worth seeing?

To be honest, I don't really care who wins and I couldn't give a Joe Loss about the other weekend ties. Well, don't you think it's all a bit Mickey Mouse compared to the CIS Cup?

However,after correctly predicting Rangers would beat Celtic2-0 in last week's column,I might as well take another gaze into my crystal ball.

This week's fearless forecast? Look out for the Clyde boys trying plenty of shots from the 35-yard mark.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 26, 2005
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