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Tall wall and glass blocks for streetside privacy.

Tall wall and glass blocks for streetside privacy Private, sunny outside space was a primary requirement when Jane and Mike Burrel Brunsen decided to add a second story to their house in Manhattan Beach, California. Since the addition would block the southern exposure of an existing side yard on their tight corner lot, it seemed a tall order.

Redondo Beach architect Dan Mello put a courtyard right on the street on the west side of the house. Tied to the new second story, a 16-foot-tall wall separates the courtyard from the street while blocking a minimum of light.

Mello opened the house to the courtyard by using generous expanses of glass in the master bedroom on the first floor and the kitchen-dining room on the second. The high wall provides street-level privacy for courtyard and bedroom.

The glass-block "window" that connects the courtyard wall to the garage contributes to the bright, airy feeling of the courtyard, especially as seen from the bedroom. Pipe rails high above the glass blocks secure the top of the fin wall to the garage.
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Date:Aug 1, 1986
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