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Tall orders for a small beach house: recapture the view, enlarge, update.

when winter storms a few years back led to the building of a big-bouldered sea wall, Frank and Lorraine Serena found their weekend beach house, in Carpenteria, hunkered down behind rocks and sand dunes. Deciding to convert the house for year-round use, they called in Santa Barbara's Seaside Union Architects to enlarge it, update it, and recapture the ocean view.

The only way to go for the view was up. But because the house sat on a foundation of wooden pilings--impossible to test for bearing capacity--the architects couldn't calculate a safe additional load. Instead, they looked to the open core of the U-shaped house; around the perimeter of this area, they drove new wood pole pilings to support a second-story master bedroom, study, and bath--without creating an extra load on the existing house.

Spanning the poles, 6-3/4- by 22-1/2-inch laminated beams cantilever the whole addition over the existing structure. Interior wall framing masks the poles and connects the new and old parts.

The architects also enclosed the formerly open area within the ring of pilings to create a 21- by 31-foot entry gallery; it extends from the front doors to the living room at the rear of the house. Above the front doors, a four-paned, 12-foot-long sloping skylight brings natural northern light into the gallery, used as display space for Mrs. Serena's paintings.

From the gallery, stairs lead to the second floor, where the focus of the bedroom is an ocean-facing bay window; doors on either side open to pocket decks. Multipaned windows bring the view into the bath on one side, into a study on the other. Outside the front doors, the gallery beams project over the entry deck.

To tie new construction visually with the old, the architects sandblasted the original redwood siding and applied a light gray semitransparent stain to the whole house for naturally weathered look.
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Date:Nov 1, 1985
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