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Talking turkey at Emballage 2012.

The Paris packaging show Emballage 2012 has come and gone, with results that generally exceeded the rather cautious expectations. Visitor numbers at 85,600 were satisfactory, and a straw poll carried out by your correspondent seemed to indicate that most of the 1,300 exhibitors felt their time and money had been well spent. The organizers reported that one third of the visitors came from foreign countries, but the hubbub of voices in the halls seemed to be very largely French. Twenty-two US companies exhibited directly (a modest increase over the previous show in 2010), and many more were present via their French associates or distributors. Avery Labeling Systems used the show for the European launch of their tillerless "Lightsmart," a label face material coated, with a special adhesive which remains totally inert at ambient temperature. Designed for industrial/logistics labels, the material is passed through a special printer/applicator, which heats the substrate just before it is applied. If this idea catches on it could reduce sales of classic pressure sensitive labelstock, so it should perhaps be seen as one way in which a leading labelstock producer can hedge its bets.

US digital label press maker Primera used Emballage 2012 to present its range of printing and converting lines, including its new CM 1000e/FX 1000e which took an award at the Pack Innovation competition held during the show. The French label association UNFEA held its "Grand Prix de l'Etiquette Adhesive," judging a record 67 entries, many of them, surprise, surprise, being wine or champagne labels.

Among leading European converters, CCL, Reynders and Stratus all had booths at the show, Multi-Color was present but only via its Italian subsidiary Collotype Spa, and French market leader Autajon was nowhere to be seen. The show was held from November 19-22, which meant that Thanksgiving in the US coincided with the last day of the show. By a nice coincidence, the rather large Turkish national booth was adorned with banners reading: "Turkey is Ready." Bon appetit.

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