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Talking to a Cartoonist.

Meet Chris Sabatino, the artist who creates the zany covers for Fun For Kidz! You also often see his cartoon stories in the magazine.

Fun For Kidz: How did you get interested in cartooning?

Chris: I had a great childhood! My family had a motorhome, and I used to draw cartoons while we traveled all summer. I developed a love for drawing and traveling!

What other work do you do besides drawing for Fun For Kidz?

I write and illustrate comic books, which is probably my favorite thing to do. I illustrate children's books and magazines and create art for greeting cards, textbooks, and T-shirts. I've also created art for theaters and for stage sets!

What's your favorite thing to draw?

I love to draw fun, chaotic scenes with many crazy characters! I've drawn scenes like that for Fun For Kidz covers. When I was a kid, I had a large poster filled edge-to-edge with cartoon characters. I used to stare at it for hours!

What don't you enjoy about being a cartoonist?

I enjoy every part of what I do. But the hardest part for me is working alone at home every day. It's a bit lonely. So, I try to get outside and be around people whenever I can. I've gotten involved with community theaters, and I've volunteered for different groups. I also have a great wife and kids I get to spend time with!

Was your cartoon style influenced by other cartoonists?

I think my biggest influence was Saturday morning cartoons! When I was a kid, there were wonderful cartoons on TV from early Saturday morning until lunchtime on all three stations (that's all we had back then). I loved to watch them and tried to draw all the characters. I now have most of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons on DVD's and enjoy them all the time!

If kids are interested in becoming a cartoonist someday, what can they do to prepare?

If you want to become a cartoonist, you have to LOVE to draw! Draw all the time, like I did. Carry a small sketchbook and doodle. Create your own comic strip about your life! A cartoonist is also a writer, so learn to see the humor in the world, even when things go wrong! The more you draw, the more you'll love creating, and the better artist you'll become!

Would you encourage kids to become cartoonists?

I've said this before: If you want to become a cartoonist (or anything else), always remember that you CAN! Work hard, love what you do, practice, and take classes. Surround yourself with people who support you. Everyone is an artist. The weird ones become cartoonists!

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Date:Jan 1, 2020
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