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Tales from the far side.

Tales From The Far Side

Oh, we just can't hold back.

Here are a few of our favorite rumors - and we do mean rumors - from the latest doings in the Little Rock newspaper war:

* Harry and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, creators of the hit television shows "Designing Women" and "Evening Shade," are working with Stephens Inc. to buy the Arkansas Gazette from the Gannett Co. before Arkansas Democrat Publisher Walter E. Hussman Jr. closes the deal.

* Spectrum Weekly owner Karen Hutcheson and Mark Abernathy, owner of Juanita's Mexican restaurant on Main Street in Little Rock, are teaming up to purchase the Gazette.

* Gov. Bill Clinton is soliciting local business leaders to make a counteroffer for the "Old Gray Lady" because he so dislikes the Democrat's editorial policies.

* Alan Leveritt, president of Arkansas Writers' Project Inc., is bidding for the Gazette. How about those raises first, Alan?

* Hussman's financing has fallen through, and the war is still on.

* And Gannett is planning to make a counteroffer to buy the Democrat.
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Title Annotation:efforts to acquire Arkansas Gazette
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Sep 9, 1991
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