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Tales from the coffeeshop: The KKK has taken all our senses away.

COMMIE chief, comrade Andros held a news conference on Thursday to announce that KKK-AKEL would be celebrating 90 years of "existence and action" in 2016, saying discussions of events to mark this momentous anniversary were already under way.

In case some think AKEL was affiliated to the Ku Klux Klan at the start of its existence, it must be made clear that the three Ks stand for Kommounistiko Komma Kyprou, which was declared illegal in 1931 (one of the more enlightened decisions of our British rulers) and re-emerged as AKEL -- an acronym with no mention of the word 'communist' -- in 1942.

Our anti-Akelite establishment will not be joining in the celebrations because it has always been of the view that AKEL has caused more harm to Kyproulla than any other party, at least in the last 40 years of it existence that we have first-hand experience of. It may have helped improve working conditions for people back in the 1940s and '50s but that would have happened anyway.

You would need a book to do justice to its catastrophic contribution to our dysfunctional country, the worst of which being that, in the last 40 years, it brainwashed 90 per cent of the population into behaving and thinking like Akelites. Most of DISY, DIKO and EDEK members and supporters today are Akelites in spirit without realising it.

THE DICTATORSHIP of the unions, the bloated interventionist and corrupt state, the complete control exercised by politicians over all aspects of life, the rabid hatred of the West, the siding with the Soviet Union in the past and Russia now, the worship of mediocrity, the entitlement culture, the opposition to any form of competition and political bigotry are all Akelite ideals that have been embraced by the overwhelming majority of the population.

Nobody ever stands up to union bosses even though they have led the economy to ruin, everyone opposes privatisation, everyone demands hand-outs from the state (even teenagers have been trained to do this), everyone supports the penalising of excellence and elevation of the third-rate to top positions, everyone backs maximum pay for minimum effort, the majority regularly intimidates those who disagree with it etc.

Just think for a minute what values our dysfunctional society embraces and you will understand how people's minds have been taken over by the Akelites. We have the right-wing Prez Nik pandering to the 'responsible' public sector unions, pledging in his campaign not to privatise SGOs and publicly attacking the Yanks just like a true commie.

We have all seen how the political parties have united against the Troika, with AKEL at the forefront, abusing the evil Europeans that saved us from bankruptcy, over the mild austerity measures and because the memorandum would limit the power of politicians to control our lives. AKEL decreed that the memorandum was bad and anyone who dared disagree was labelled a "neo-liberal servant of the Troika" and enemy of the people.

You may have heard these sentiments also expressed by Ethnarch Junior, but it is only because, deep down he is an Akelite.

THE BIGGEST success of KKK-AKEL has been to turn 99 per cent of the population into West-hating, anti-Americans. Even the members of the one per cent are afraid to take a pro-West stand for fear of being accused as "foreign agents" or "lackeys of NATO and the US".

The chutzpah of the commies is admirable. Until the collapse of the Soviet Union, they had been funded by the Kremlin, obediently followed its orders (AKEL rejected a settlement proposal on instructions from its Soviet masters) and had the nerve to call anyone who was pro-West an agent and traitor.

They took money and orders from one of the most repressive totalitarian regimes of the 20th century, which suppressed the populations of half a dozen countries and had the nerve to give lessons in democracy and label anyone who disagreed with them as imperialists. And they managed to persuade Cypriots that the "imperialist US" and NATO were the root cause of all our problems while the virtuous Soviet Union always supported us, which it never did. Nothing has really changed. The AKEL-orchestrated hatred of the West, including the EU, remains as hysterical as it was in the Cold War era while Putin's Russia has replaced the Soviet Union as the force of good and our great protector. It was only a couple of months ago Nik made an international fool of himself behaving like Putin's poodle on a visit to Moscow.

THE MILLION rouble question is how has a group of dull commie losers of below average intelligence managed to take over the minds and souls of most Cypriots? I have no convincing answer but I suspect that the comrades learnt one thing well at the Soviet universities where they were educated -- the art of propaganda and fooling all the people all the time, which seem to work extremely well in Kyproulla with its high percentage of university graduates. This may explain why on Thursday Andros spoke about "the successes of the Christofias government which drew a line of protection for the workers from the consequences of the economic crisis." More than 70,000 unemployed is quite some protection. He also said the party would "carry on fighting with all our strength for the re-unification of the country…" presumably just as it had done in 2004.

ANDROS said a lot of stupid things last week but my favourite was his plea to foreign ambassadors, whom the commies invited for a meeting, not to "push for an express-solution" of the Cyprob. After 40-plus years of negotiations is there a possibility of an express solution? Even if it was signed tomorrow it would not qualify as express. If Andros wants another 10 or 20 years of negotiations he should say so clearly.

This is very similar to Phil's frequent revelation every few months when some US official visits or makes a statement that there "are moves to close the Cyprob," the implication being that it is our patriotic duty to keep it open for future generations. What would Phil's hacks have to write about every week if there was an express-solution?

FEARS of an express-solution peaked after the news that the moderate Mustafa Akinci could be pseudo-

Can Akinci be trusted?

elected pseudo-president of the pseudo-state. The bash-patriotic mob went immediately on the offensive, warning Greek Cypriots not to pin too many hopes on Akinci because as was well-known "the key to a solution is in Ankara".

Akinci might not even win today, which would allow our patriots to relax. One guest of the Lazarus patriotic radio show did not see an Akinci victory making any difference as he was a Turk and would make unreasonable demands at the negotiations. We should ask the UN to allow us to negotiate the settlement with someone from Uruguay or Venezuela that would not insist on a rotating presidency and political equality.

THE RIKKOS show continued this week even though the protector of teenage Russian orphan girls did not make too many personal appearances. He restricted himself to writing letters and leaking them to the press so that he could carry on reminding the Attorney-general that he would not give up his intimidation efforts.

The bad news for Rikkos is that he will soon lose the chauffeur he is provided by the taxpayer to drive him to and from Limassol every day. The AG is expected to apply to the Supreme Court requesting his suspension as he is due to appear in court on criminal charges. For the time being Rikkos is in the office every day, seeing people, making calls and writing letters.

His main letter was sent to the Chief of Police and questioned the choice of attorney who would be heading the prosecution case against him. Tricky Ricky was concerned because the wife of the attorney Elias Stephanou was a cop that worked until recently at CID at police HQ and could obtain the statements he had given to police against the AG from her former colleagues.

The next thing Tricky Ricky will ask is that he chooses the person that will prosecute him and Prez Nik will issue a statement declaring this a reasonable demand.

UNDER pressure from Rik and Nik, the Police chief ordered an investigation of the deputy AG's allegations, and cops are expected to call in people for questioning.

The Chief Zacharias Chrysostomou probably had instructions from the prez to proceed with an investigation as his boss with regard to legal cases is the AG who had decided that the allegations of the guardian of teenage orphan girls did not merit an investigation and could be raised during the court case.

Nevertheless AG Clerides saw the funny side of Tricky Ricky's claim that he had been bribed in the Providencia case. On Thursday night, at a public event at which he was a speaker, he said he had been wondering, when preparing his tax declaration for 2014, whether he should have included the money Rikkos alleged he had received as a bribe in 2013.

Why did John Hourican really step down?

MANY of our regulars have been asking what the 'real' reasons were for John Hourican's decision to quit as the Bank of Cyprus CEO. One old boy, who likes his skettos with a drop of Scotch, started laughing when he was told that Hourican resigned because he wanted to spend more time with his family and emphatically stated "that's a lie".

He flew home every weekend in order to be with his family, but he may have tired of the long plane journey. Press speculation suggested that he was fed up of receiving telephone calls from politicians asking him to go easy on the bank's big debtors, but the Irishman is a hard nut who is unlikely to have been fazed by a little political pressure.

His explanation that he wanted to spend more time with his family, hard as it may be to believe, coming from a driven, high-achieving banker on a footballer's salary could be true. For his career, it was the right move as he would leave the bank on a high, having brought it back from the brink, stabilising it and securing its re-capitalisation.

HOURICAN'S tenure could be debited with one failure. He was unable to defeat the bank employees' union ETYK. For months, his attempts to extend the opening hours of the banks had met with the resistance of the union. The BoC left the banks' association so it could negotiate separately with its own employees, but it made no difference.

The union would not budge. Earlier this week, ETYK issued an announcement triumphantly stating that the usual summer working hours -- no afternoon work on Monday -- would be in force from May. In Kyproulla, ETYK and stupidity are invincible.

THINGS seem to be going from bad to worse for the former BoC executive Vasos Shiarly who also served as comrade Tof's finance minister while the economy was sinking. His association with Tof made him a social pariah, but this week he suffered another humiliation.

A couple of weeks ago he found a post that he hoped would lead to his social rehabilitation and eventual acceptance. He became chairman of the BoC Oncology Centre, which would raise his profile and help him regain the respect and status he enjoyed before becoming a minister. His hopes of were dashed on Friday when he was forced by the BoC to resign.

Shiarly was told by a bank executive that if he stayed on as chairman of the Centre, the BoC, long time sponsor of the Christodoula March that raises money for cancer care, would not send a representative to speak at the march which was being held today.

A distraught Shiarly submitted his resignation immediately. It did not seem to be a consolation to him that he would be able to spend more time with his family.

OUR ESTABLISHMENT is planning a series of anti-celebratory events next year to highlight the catastrophic consequences for the country of 90 years of KKK-AKEL. There will be a news conference, but I am happy to announce that we have found our theme song for the events -- The KKK took my baby away, by the Ramones.

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