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Tales from the Crib: True Confessions of a Shameless Procreator.

Thinking of having children? Think again. henrik Drescher takes Dr. Seuss up a couple of notches from "Hop on pop!" by invoking through his art such verbs as drop, plop, slop, fwaap!, and lop. It all happens in one form or another between the covers of Tales from the Crib. This little gem of a book published in October is a must-read for prospective parents, and the absolute antidote for those special people and all their special children raised on this, the only special planet we have under our very own special sun.

Drescher takes all the myths of that magical world called parenthood, soundly spanks them, and sends them off to bed without dinner. He goes well beyond his claim to reveal the "mystical truths" of Mommying and Daddying, citing, for example, reasons for procreation: "You've discovered how. You're bored. You're about to break up. You have too little laundry to do. You have too much freedom. You have too much money." And, finally, "You feel the need to prove that you're MAN ENOUGH." Enigmas of the "post-partum sex life" are unraveled to expose the darker side of the somewhat heavier underbelly of pregnancy. And there's more--solutions to all those pesky child-rearing problems, from teething to weaning.

Although my own children are relatively calm, cool, collected adults at this advanced stage of their teenage lives, I still remember the many traumatic, wild, and wooly episodes of raising them up, and of them holding me down--hopping on pop, as it were.

Henrik Drescher happens to be one of the finest artists to grace the pages of this magazine in the eighty-five years of its existence. I must admit to a more than professional relationship with him, having worked with him almost every month since I arrived in Madison thirteen years ago. In fact, on occasion I have even served time in the Drescher home, and I can report that this father knows of what he draws. With three wild children and no bars on the cage, Henrik and his amazing wife, Lauren, are living testament to the strength of the human heart and the tenacity of the spirit.

This book may prove to be the best population-control device to come along since the original lambskin. And dig this, it's shaped like a bottle. I suppose if your parental patience is pushed too far, you can always turn to this.

So if you're thinking of bringing children into this world, or you've already pulled the plug on your loveboat cruise through domestic bliss, check out Tales from the Crib. It will have you laughing overboard.
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Author:Flynn, Patrick J.B.
Publication:The Progressive
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 1994
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