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Talent needs encouragement.

RECENTLY the Echo carried a Newsbrief which reminded readers of a concert next Friday to celebrate the memory of that "unique velvet voice" which remains very much alive across the whole of Wales, and his records are still often requested on Welsh radio programmes." The Echo reports that one of our own, and now deservedly world famous, tenors will be there - Rhys Meirion.

Talent like his exists all over Wales, but it needs to be found and fostered.

I do not know how Rhys Meirion was helped, but I do know that David Lloyd was helped by the school master of Trelogan, the Rev BS Fidler, who told me that a small child told him one day that the family had a new baby.

He told the child he would call on her family later..

The pleased new mother asked him to give the baby a name. Mr Fidler told me that he thought of the then Prime Minister, David Lloyd George and, as the family was Lloyd, he suggested that they call the baby David George Lloyd.

Later on in school the young lad showed signs of musicality and had a pleasing Melys Lais, or Sweet Voice.

He was encouraged by his teacher and others to enter Eisteddfodau and other competitions. and was popular as a singer, winning a scholarship to the London Guildhall School of Music and eventually becoming World famous.

So my plea today is for us to emulate the Rev BS Fidler and his friends in helping the singers of Wales to find a musical education, especially the tenors with the Melys Lais or the Sweet Voice.

Eric John Webb Aspen Close St Mellons
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 4, 2009
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