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Tale of the unexpected makes life interesting - that and Green Juice.

We're now two weeks into 2018 - so how are you getting on with your New Year resolutions? Predictably, I've fallen by the wayside on all the boring ones like diet, fitness, dry January and keeping my work and household affairs in a grown-up manner.

This year I've vowed (again) to learn how to use the calendar on my iPhone and be more organised.

I'm trying to learn from super-organised pals but even then, as our Hogmanay turned into series of comedic mishaps, it proves you can't prepare for everything.

Six of us headed to the Island of Seil near Oban for another Highland hoolie having been assigned shopping tasks for the trip.

Hyper-efficient Lizanne and Stephen were in charge of our steak pie Ne'er Day dinner, packing bain-maries - industrial steel baths - to keep it hot.

They'd also peeled and chopped tatties, parsnips and carrots, and vacuum-packed them for the journey. Yes, they own a machine that does that.

Cat Stephen was also in charge of making the mystical Green Juice, a secret cocktail containing 14 bottles of drinks so tasty yet potent we wiped out the entire village of Ellenabeich in 2016. Our return this year was apparently vey Har S TO BE RESOLVE BUT N THINGS ORGANISED IT WHE welcomed and feared in equal measure.

GO TO PLAN With all of this gear, their car was packed. Unfortunately, they hit a huge pothole five miles outside Crianlarich and had a full tyre blow out. They never planned for that.

Standing in a lay-by under horizontal snow, they realised the spare tyre was in the boot under a ridiculous amount of stuff.

The AA man told them he'd have to run them home to Glasgow if he came that far to fix a wheel. Stephen, a man of principal, knew an entire village awaited the Green Juice so bravely changed the wheel himself.

This meant unpacking mountains of bevvy, catering equipment, tatties and suitcases into a ditch in the sleet to put on a space saver tyre which can only do 50mph.

They thought they couldn't be more unlucky until a cardboard box burst and 12 cans of pre-mixed Southern Comfort and lemonade rolled down a hill into an icy burn. Hand-fishing for swally was not on their to-do list either.

Seeing in the Bells was not without incident either. We'd gone to the Oyster Bar where a man with a guitar was in charge of the countdown.

Unfortunately, at a minute to midnight an overenthusiastic reveller fell into his lighting rig which tumbled over and splatted said singer on the head.

Once we ascertained he was conscious but didn't know if it was New York or New Year, my presenter training took over as I stood up and shouted: "10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR."

Locals Jim and Christine Watson told me they were having a few people back after the Bells for some food.

at the made fair seen tatties the they When we opened their door it was like a Guinness World Record bid. Clearly the offer of grub mid-celebrations was a strong pull. I shouted to Christine her chicken legs were amazing. Confused, she looked down at her knees and asked: "What's wrong with them?" We then danced into the wee small hours. After this adventure, I'm going to be better prepared but ready to deal with the unexpected in a positive manner. That makes life interesting. That and Green Juice.

that has was also in of making the Green Juice, a cocktail 14 of drinks yet we out the village Ellenabeich Our this Cat vey Har S TO BE MORE TO ENJOY RESOLVE BUT DON'T ORGANISED N THINGS and equal IT WHE GO TO PLAN all of this car was

was "I shudder at the things we made him do. It's fair to say I've seen more of Baz than he ever has They vacuumpacked the tatties and veg for the journey. Yes, they own a machine that does that. ''
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