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Taking on the world.

Title: Dot Hack part 3: Outbreak

Publisher: ATARI

Format: PS2

Price: pounds 39.99

Here we go again! The third instalment of the dot hack series has arrived.

The whole concept and story to the game revolves around "The World".

Your character Kite has just logged into The World since his buddy Orca has talked about how great it is.

Soon, Orca falls into a coma and word begins to spread that there is a virus running loose that not only is corrupting game servers, but also the players.

The story builds up over the first two instalments (Infection and Mutation) to increase the mystery of who is behind the virus, and the corporation that created The World.

In Outbreak the corruption is worse, and it's up to you to move Kite closer to solving the mystery of who is behind The World, and ultimately team up with his friends.

The simulation of an online RPG environment is handled really well, even though you are offline the entire time.

You will randomly meet up with other players in the server towns; you can access message boards and e-mail from friends and enemies who in most cases will lead you to clues or secret items.

Gameplay and style is pretty much the same as the previous two games, you continue to move through different servers and warp to dungeon levels to fight monsters, collect treasure, and investigate who is behind The World.

Kite still has access to his Data Drain and Gate Hacking abilities in Outbreak.

Data Drain is a power that allows him to rewrite monster data that causes even the most powerful creatures to be reduced into simple things.

A side game called "Gruntys" is a nice addition where you control a pig or hamster-looking creature that you feed and grow and then call in during battle to help out if needed.

The game is graphically the same, maybe a bit more sharper and in-depth.

Overall the game is a good sequel but if you haven't played the first two, then you may not find part 3 to be as enjoyable.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 1, 2004
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