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Taking care of teething.

To help parents that are searching for a safe natural, benzocaine-free treatment for teething pain, Boiron offers Camilia, a homeopathic medicine that targets gum swelling and minor digestive disorders as well as pain associated with teething. Free of preservatives, alcohol, flavors, dyes, sugar or artificial sweeteners, the only inactive ingredient in Camilia is purified water. Packaged in single-dose tubes, a small amount of pre-measured, tasteless clear liquid is absorbed sublingually without numbing the gums or causing a gag reflex. Officials for the Newtown Square, Pa.-based company say the shatterproof tube is quick and easy to use for parents on the go and there is no need to know a child's weight.

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Title Annotation:NONFOODS NEWS
Author:Mendelson, Seth; Levitt, Craig
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Aug 1, 2011
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