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Taking care of business: Sarah Johnson explains how your business can make a difference.

Every day employees around Australia make decisions that have profound environmental and social consequences. Imagine the difference we could make if sustainability was at the heart of those decision-making processes.

Today many companies are working to incorporate a sustainability vision and strategy into their workplace culture, empowering their staff to make considered choices. This is where our new GreenHome Sustainability Engagement Program comes in.

Our program has been designed to work hands on with businesses to increase staff capacity and literacy to ensure the decisions they make are informed by best sustainability practice. Whether purchasing a corporate fleet vehicle; adjusting energy settings on computers; commuting to work; or purchasing office or kitchen equipment, making sustainable choices can save operating costs, reduce environmental impacts and make a positive contribution to the lives of an organisation's staff and customers.

The program will provide the latest thinking and direction in sustainable policy and actions, ensuring lasting outcomes and enduring sustainability principles.

What inspires us

By drawing on ACF's experience, staff and networks, and working collaboratively with partners, our dream is to inspire our clients to deliver credible and measurable outcomes.

We'd like to see our program motivating participants towards more sustainable solutions for themselves and their workplace.

We believe that a business's employees are often the best placed to identify and encourage sustainability practices in their work environment.

Research by the National Environmental Education Foundation uncovered case studies where employees saved money, improved efficiency and built stronger customer relations by providing sustainability education.

These 'green teams' went on to then perform software upgrades, reduce waste and save water.

How we do it

We tailor a solution to match any business, working directly with them to:

Consult--provide advice on needs or options to explore, including leadership development and employee engagement.

Deliver surveys and diagnostic tools--we will work to diagnose an organisation's current performance within identified areas.

Report--we report on the findings of our diagnostics and work to agree on the best staff engagement strategy to achieve the most sustainability outcomes.

Educate and engage--GreenHome training is delivered via face-to-face workshops and online eLearning modules, We have training programs for sustainability leaders, green teams, management and staff.

Evaluate--we provide a comprehensive evaluation of the program upon conclusion.

Embed--we aim to ensure that our client's commitment to staff and sustainability is embedded into the corporate culture. We strive to leave behind strong teams, tools and training modules.

GreenHome has worked with businesses as diverse as AMP, Lion Nathan and Westpac and continues to work with local councils across Australia. Call Sarah Johnson on 03 9345 1157 or email for more information on how we can help your organisation turn sustainability goals into sustainable action.

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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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