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Taking A Long-term Loan To Finance The Planned City Budget Deficit.

Contract notice: taking a long-term loan to finance the planned city budget deficit

1. the object of the contract is to take a long-term loan to finance the planned budget deficit of the city. 1) the amount and currency of the loan - pln 17,000,000.00 (in words: seventeen million zlotys), 2) repayment of capital installments: i installment in the amount of pln 660,000 payable in 2019, ii installment in the amount of pln 720,000 payable in 2020, third installment in the amount of pln 900,000 payable in 2021. iv installment in the amount of pln 1,200,000 payable in 2022, v installment in the amount of pln 1,500,000 payable in 2023, 6th installment in the amount of 2.020.000 pln payable in 2024, vii - x installment in the amount of pln 2,500,000 payable in the years 2025 - 2028, 3) interest rate on the loan - wibor 3-month rate (fixed rate on a quarterly basis, change in interest rate in each quarter starting from the first day of the quarter, rate determined based on the average wibor rate of 3 months from the previous quarter as the wibor rate 3 months from individual days of the quarter, divided by the number of trading days in the quarter) + margin, 4) the duration of the contract - until december 31, 2028, 5) loan security - blank promissory note, 6) placing the loan at the disposal of the employer - from the date of signing the contract to 30/09/2018 in the amount of pln 10,000,000 and from october 1, 2018 to december 31. 2018 in the amount of pln 7,000,000, 7) the credit launch date from the day of submitting the withdrawal instruction is the criterion for the evaluation of offers, according to the score specified in chapter xv of the terms of reference. 8) grace period in repayment of the loan - until 30/12/2019, 9) credit utilization date - until december 31, 2018, 10) the contractor will not charge a single bank commission for granting the loan, 11) repayment of interest on the credit used shall take place on a monthly basis by the 10th day of each month, 12) the cost of the loan will consist solely of interest on capital, 13) the ordering party reserves the right to repay the loan early without incurring additional commissions and fees, 14) the contractor will not charge a commission on commitment (on credit amounts placed at the disposal of the employer until the day of their final use). 15) settlements between the ordering party and the contractor will be made in polish zlotys. 2. requirements from art. 29 para. 3a upzp: 1) pursuant to art. 29 para. 3a upzp the employer requires that the contractor or subcontractor in the implementation of the subject of the contract should be employed under a contract of employment within the meaning of art. 22 1 of the act of 26.6.1974 - labor code (ie journal of laws of 2018, item 917 with later amendments) or the corresponding employment form defined in the regulations of the member states of the

Major organization : GMINA MIEJSKA KETRZYN

Address : Ketrzyn


Contact Person: Wladyslaw Litwinowicz

Urzad Miasta W Ketrzynie

11-400 Ketrzyn

Ul. Wojska Polskiego 11

Country :Poland

Email :

Tender notice number : 305898-2018

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2018-08-22

Tender documents : T436114346.html , G436114346.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Aug 9, 2018
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