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Takes the weight of freight.

Freight trains generate approximately 80 million gross-tons of force per year--enough impact to severely damage concrete railroad ties. To help dampen the impact on these ties, Pandrol, Inc., of Bridgeport, N.J., produces custom-shaped 0.26-inch-thick railroad tie pads that are placed between the rail and concrete ties. These extra-durable pads, made with Texin thermoplastic polyurethane resin from Miles, endure and dissipate the extreme force produced by freight trains--the heaviest type of train.

Tie pad life cycles vary greatly with the individual loads endured. The Pandrol pads that were installed on freight lines run by major railroad companies as early as 1988 have shown no signs of degradation. A patented dimple pattern on either side of the tie pad augments the natural impact dissipation properties of the material.

Pandrol supplies the approximately 6.75-inch-wide by 7-inch-long tie pads with a steel plate-and-gasket cover that insulates the concrete from the elements, thus helping to prevent rail seat abrasion, or degradation of the concrete ties by water and sand.

Texin has a Vicat softening temperature of over 300 |degrees~ F, so it can resist even the most intense heat generated in the pad. Also, the resin has a compression set of 18% at 73 |degrees~ F, and 43% at 158 |degrees~ F. Polymers Marketing Communications Department, Miles Inc., Mobay Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15205-9741; (412) 777-2000. Pandrol, Inc., 501 Sharptown Rd., Bridgeport, NJ 08014; (609) 467-3227.
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Title Annotation:Plasticoncepts; Pandrol Inc.; railroad tie pads
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Oct 1, 1993
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