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Takeo Komoda: his just desserts.

One of the last bastions of Makawao's sleepy past, Komoda Store and Bakery has occupied the same Baldwin Avenue storefront since the Great Depression with little disturbance in its yesteryear rhythms. That is, until word of the local popularity of its cream puffs caught the attention -- and tastebuds -- of the new generation of tourists crowding Upcountry, nudging the 66-year-old store closer into step with the quickening pace of today's Makawao. Since 1986, second-generation proprietor Takeo Komoda has tripled production of the storied sweet to about 100 dozen a day, still not enough the sate the appetites of customers who line up at 6:30 a.m. and buy out the stock some days by noon. Baking more would raise current sales of $1.1. million, but Komoda and his six bakers -- three of whom are his brothers, and all of whom bake daily from midnight to dawn--just aren't inclined.

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Title Annotation:66 year-old Komoda Store and Bakery increases popularity on Makawao, Maui
Author:Chong, Jerry
Publication:Hawaii Business
Date:May 1, 1991
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