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Take the time to say, "thank you.".

March 1-7: Dental Assistants Recognition Week 2009

I would like to begin by thanking the thousands of dental assistants across America for what you do each and every day for our profession. March is the month we pause and recognize the considerable contributions and achievements we bring to the office each day.

For over 150 years the dental assistant has stood and continues to stand by their dentist, supporting and assisting them with the delivery of health care. Take a second out of your busy schedule and thank your fellow dental assistant for all their dedication, commitment and hard work. A special thanks goes to the hundreds of airmen and soldiers who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. We salute you for what you stand for and representing our profession with honor during war.

I am also thrilled to announce the inaugural run of ADAA's newest communications vehicle, the ADAA Business Beat, a periodical aimed at the interests and needs of those dental assistants who keep things running smoothly in the administration of the dental practice.

You know who you are. You're the one behind the desk doing a world of different things, such as booking the appointments in a way that assures sensible patient flow; juggling the duties of dealing with the patient and the insurance company while speaking insurance talk to one and everyday English to the other; triaging a patient with an emergency; acting as gatekeeper in dealing with salespeople; writing the sales order for the materials that keep the practice flowing on a day-to-day basis: scheduling the staff, scheduling the service people, keeping up with OSHA and HIPAA requirements....

... and that's just before lunch.

We're also eager to work with those of you who have moved into work in the insurance field or as sales or service reps for dental manufacturers and suppliers or working in a military administrative situation in dentistry. You, too, are an integral part of the larger dental team bringing improved oral health care to the public and to the armed services.

No matter what your title--appointments secretary, practice manager, receptionist, sales rep, service rep, educator--we at the ADAA want to recognize your place on the team and help to win you recognition and build your professional esteem.

Earlier this year I wrote that dental assistants wear many hats. Recognizing the hat that our business-oriented dental assistants wear is one of my goals for the year and that's why I'm eager to launch this new effort in your direction. Technology changes at a blindingly fast rate and that's why we have added this special business emphasis news vehicle to our already impressive stable of publications:

* The Dental Assistant Journal

* The ADAA Student Newsletter

* The ADAA Educator's Newsletter

* The Annual Continuing Education Catalog

Business Beat will bring you news of the changes that affect the way you do business, whether it's in software, hardware, insurance reporting, privacy laws, infection control reporting, or federal mandates affecting employees. It's a whole growing world of business requirements out there and we want to help you stay abreast of it.

Our first issue will be printed in the traditional "hard copy" manner but will be followed by an on-line edition later this year, with a future mix of both on-line and printed issues. We'd like to see your name on all of these issues, so please be sure that ADAA has your e-mail address on file in order to assure full editorial service. You can send your name and e-mail to us at

Communications should be a two-way street. We want to talk with you, not at you, so take the time to let us know what you would like to see in this new ADAA Business Beat publication by contacting me, Steve Spadaro, at

Take advantage of all the news and information in all these vehicles and make sure you are on the e-mail list to continue receiving the business news. And most importantly ... keep in touch.

Stephen E. Spadaro

ADAA President, 2008-2009
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Author:Spadaro, Stephen E.
Publication:The Dental Assistant
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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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