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Take the sun bridge up to he new bedroom wing and the views.

A bridge links a new master suite addition with the main part of this house in the Napa Valley, California. To take advantage of views to a canyon beyond, designer Wayne Leong put the addition up on a small ridge behind the house. The covered bridge linking the two structures not only creates a dramatic passageway, it also serves as a solar collector, providing auxiliary heat for both the master bedroom and the main house.

Running east to west and spanning a gully behind the house, the bridge has three large double-glazed doors facing south. Low winter sun penetrates the glass, radiating heat to the tiled concrete slab floor. Paris of glass doors at each end of the hall permit control of the stored heat. A fan and duct system at the house end further enables owners Betty and Jim Hunt to pull heat down out of the well-insulated bridge.

Summer heat buildup is lessened by eaves with overhangs calculated to block high sun. But on very hot days, the glass doors at each end can be closed to isolate the bridge, while the sliding doors and small windows high on the north wall let heat escape.

Leong carried the lines of the bridge's gable roof out over the old house and to a living room addition in front. The bridge's gable ends over the middle of the house, but two new gables continue along the same general axis, raising the roof line in the existing living room and continuing over a 10-foot-long extension. All the roofs are clad with corrugated steel, giving the house a uniform look.
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Date:May 1, 1985
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