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Take steps to ward off diseases, says Makkah imam.


Imam and Khateeb of the Grand Mosque in Makkah Sheikh Saleh bin Homaid said Friday that God guards a person in all matters, religious and material including his health. "All human beings are equal in the sight of God with regard to dignity, rights and responsibility but one can gain superiority over his fellow man on the basis of piety. It is important to observe God's law and mutually aspire to work for the welfare of all on this earth," Bin Homaid said in his Friday sermon at the Grand Mosque. The sheikh stressed the need to show sympathy to those who suffer from various kinds of diseases and especially those afflicted with some serious infectious diseases. "It is all God's will. Some people will be afflicted with a certain disease while others will not despite coming into contact with an infected person," he said. However, people should take all necessary precautionary measures to prevent infectious diseases, the sheikh said. He said it was foolish to resign oneself to one's fate without making any efforts to save oneself because life is God's greatest gift to man. Wisdom lies in knowing that diseases, medicines, treatment and cures all occur in line with man's destiny, God's will and His mercy. The Kingdom's constitution combines trust in Allah with the necessary treatment to counter diseases, he said. "A believer firmly believes that Allah is the Preserver and the Dispenser; the Power who creates the affliction and disposes of it as He wills," the sheikh added. He also cautioned people to guard against genetic anomalies by choosing spouses carefully. He said that it was important to practice good hygiene for a healthy body and spiritual well-being. Appealing to believers to be kind to those who have contracted infectious diseases, he said: "Do not find fault with patients who are suffering from infectious diseases." He asked them to pray for the sick instead and for the forgiveness of their sins. He pointed to the indulgence in immoral acts and unlawful pleasures which were leading to serious diseases which are incurable. He said that those who deliberately spread infections should be meted out punishments for causing pain to their fellow beings.

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Publication:Arab News (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
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Date:Dec 6, 2014
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