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Take it from Michigan.

Take It From Michigan

More and more states are beginning to use the Accreditation Council for Accountancy's examination program as a part of their long-range legislative planning efforts. The argument for identifying small business accounting and tax specialists is gaining acceptance across the country faster than ever before. ACA's examination program is already legislatively recognized in two states with several others appearing close to acceptance. This program can only enhance the professionalism of accounting practitioners, and this is demonstrated by the vast numbers of people taking the exams in May and December of each year.

One state with a particular interest in the ACA program is Michigan, with its professional society, the Independent Accountants Association of Michigan. In a recent issue of their newsletter, there was an article on the accreditation program that deserves national distribution. With permission, this article is reprinted below:

Skeptics Could Be Wrong

About Accreditation

Let's face it, the ranks of IAAM are sprinkled with skeptics and cynics.

Most are very capable accountants who refuse to become accredited because they don't believe the credential can do anything beneficial for them in their practices.

This negative view has validity, but in the future the view could fade as a viable argument.

Right now, the "Accredited Accountant" identification offers these benefits:

* It's an image-builder. Those who pass the exam receive tangible evidence that they are professional accountants. Their passing grade on the exam is their proof of skill. Those without the credential can only resort to their "word of mouth" boasts to convince others they are truely "professional" accountants, with no concrete evidence to support their boasts.

* Those who own the ACA title have received assurance and confidence they can conduct more complex and financially rewarding engagements. Those who received the credential are earning more money and offering more meaningful accounting services than they did before they passed the exam. Accountants who do not own an ACA pin are always tormented by some degree of doubt as to their ability as an accountant.

* The Accredited Accountant has bought a good "practice-protection" insurance policy. That practitioner has a very good chance of surviving if state lawmakers or a Michigan court attempts to refuse unlicensed practitioners from operating as "accountants". Those without the ACA credential could be the most vulnerable to legislative or court action.

ACA Pays Off in Lobbying


When IAAM lobbies in the Michigan Legislature, our representatives point to IAAM's Accredited Accountants as our example of the association's accounting credibility.

Legislators are favorably impressed with our proof of credibility. But our pronouncements and confidence in pronouncing them would be louder if at least 60 to 70% of our active members were accredited. Our percentages are below those levels.

Sometime in 1990, the Accreditation Council for Accountancy will be publishing materials designed to help the ACA accountant better publicize and market his/her special skills. IAAM is awaiting those materials in hopes it can add supplementary features that would better aid the Michigan ACA accountant.

If you aren't now accredited, do it. Take the exam! You won't go wrong earning the special credential of Accredited Accountant.
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Title Annotation:Independent Accountants Association of Michigan's examination program
Author:Bradshaw, Robert
Publication:The National Public Accountant
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Date:Mar 1, 1990
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