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Take chances to ease plight of migrants; LETTERS.

THE plight of the immigrants which we see daily in our newspapers and on news bulletins on television remind me of the story of Moses leading the exodus to the promised land.

We see these thousands of men, women and children carrying ALL their belongings in a haversack on their backs.

There are many reasons why this exodus is happening, poverty in their homeland, famine, lack of incentives and war. We see them arriving at the border of richer countries, the EEC, and they, like Moses on Mount Sinai can see the promised land.

We, in the richer countries, see the immigrants as a threat. A threat to our way of life, our riches, our employment and our security. You look at the person and it is impossible to say who is the terrorist and who is the genuine poverty stricken and hungry immigrant. We MUST take chances and allow these poor, hungry, immigrants into our wealthy EEC countries.

Richard Morris, Caernarfon

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Sep 22, 2015
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