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Take advantage of LMA's AI resources.

LMA identified artificial intelligence (AI) as "The Next Big Thing" in legal marketing for 2017, and we have an array of resources available on this hot topic.

* Join the LMA Artificial Intelligence community to access a variety of resources and start a conversation on AI: AI

* View the LMA webinar "How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Future of Legal Marketing," presented by Elonide Semmes, president of Right Rat, and Mark Greene, Ph.D., president of Market Intelligence: webinar

* Read the Strategies+ blog post, "Applying Intelligence to All Aspects of Law," written by Patrick Fuller, vice president of Neota Logic, Inc.: blog

And don't miss out on the 2017 LMA Artificial Intelligence Program. This regional training initiative will arm you with enough understanding of AI to be prepared to take your seat at the table as your firm makes strategic decisions regarding its deployment of AI in the provision of legal services and in marketing of those services.

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Publication:Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Date:Jul 1, 2017
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