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Take a walk with a line.

Do you have a special friend? Are you happy when you are doing things together? What do you like to do with your friend? Do you ever walk around your neighborhood or through the woods together and share what you see?

You can experience your world and share what you see and imagine with others. Drawing can be your friend, always there to share with you.

Paul Klee was a Swiss artist who lived about fifty years ago. He enjoyed drawing things he had not seen with his eyes--he drew what he saw in his imagination. It might come from a daydream. He said that he liked to "take a walk with a line."

When you walk with a line, it might take you anywhere. You might walk through your imagination and see fantastic animals. You might share a world as you wish it could be.

In this drawing, Paul Klee has imagined a serpent and another little animal. Do you think the serpent is friendly? Does it scare you? What do you think the small animal is feeling? Is it scared or is it trying to be friendly with the serpent?

When you take a walk with a line you can invent anything. Sometimes the line might lead you. It might begin to look like something. Then, you can lead it by adding to it. This walk can be fun. You may discover a new world of images inside yourself. You might find a new friend--drawing.
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Title Annotation:A Child's Gallery
Author:Niceley, H.T.
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Date:Feb 1, 1993
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