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Take a stand on anti-semitism.

IN the light of the news of MP Frank Field resigning, I write with some concern over antisemitism in the Labour party as Labour.

Our North East MPs are so important to us in protecting our interests, it is important to protect the reputation in the North.

I think we should take a stand against anti-semitism here in this city, let Newcastle be in the forefront as it has always been.

Among the witnesses to history are our family and relatives, the servicemen and women of the Normandy campaign.

In their long liberation of Europe they saw not only the concentration camps; the names of which are familiar to us, but the many thousands of forced labour camps.

We do a disservice to them if we forget this part of their experience by not standing against anti-semitism, the horrors of the slave labour camps were no less traumatic, there were 30,000 slave labour camps across Europe, so the experience of the Holocaust by our troops would have been widespread.

It does not begin or end with one group of people, six million led eventually to 50 million deaths throughout the world.

There are many aspects of the Holocaust, this is one; the testimony of the liberator.

We are already linked to the fight against anti-semitism by the sacrifice of our families.

How will we honour and remember them? By trying however small to make some effort to say no to anti-semitism and support any North East MPs who have the courage to do so.


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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 11, 2018
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