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Take a selfie.


A slaughterhouse might seem an odd place for a photo op, but an installation by artist Darya von Berner has transformed part of the now-defunct Madrid Municipal slaughterhouse into a space that invites visitors to do just that. "(SELFI)," a temporary exhibit on view in the Abierto x Obras Gallery, is an immersive experience reflecting on today's "selfie culture."

To that end, 136 pieces of 1-in. white light tape, each measuring 10.5 in. long, illuminate the industrial interior, doubling the amount of space once used for the cold storage room--just as a selfie creates a "double" image of its subject. The linear strips from Light Tape, powered by four SD-4000 Smart Driver ballasts, are the only material used in the installation.

Guests are encouraged to take selfies and glance around at who and what might appear in the background and foreground, which the artist hopes will prompt conversations about perception, attention and ecology within a "new generation of photography that straddles the self-portrait and 'conversational' photography."

The Takeaway: An art installation lighted by 136 pieces of white tape light prompts dialogue surrounding today's "selfie culture"

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Date:Apr 1, 2016
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