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Take a magic wand to your hair.


ON THE lookout for new ways to add volume and bounce to lank locks? Mark Hill's Pick 'n' Mix range features a Wand Handle, PS14.99, and 10 interchangeable barrels which you buy individually, so you can create various looks with the same tool.

The two newest additions to the line-up are the Easy Curl, a spiralshaped barrel which you wrap hair around to achieve a more dramatic curly look, and the Glam Waver, for simple Hollywood-style waves.

The wand comes with a three-finger glove. It's intended to protect your fingers from burns and it's particularly useful when using the Glam Waver - it meant I could get closer to my head by gripping the heated barrel.

I started by separating my hair into two layers and found that, because the barrel is so chunky, I could curl fairly big sections in one go. Being careful to curl towards the face, I aimed for curls starting from just above the chin and downwards, leaving the top smooth.

I found the Easy Curl much harder to use. The instructions state to follow the direction of the spiral of the wand but I found myself getting confused about which way that should be.

It takes longer, as you use really thin sections of hair at a time, in order to fit between the spirals on the barrel and achieve that tighter-curl look.

At first, I wasn't sold on the results of the Glam Waver but I started wrapping the hair around the barrel for longer - about 30 seconds, or 15 for the shorter front bits - and the waves started to improve.

Afterwards, my hair looked super-glossy and shiny but also still quite natural, which I really liked.

The Easy Curl takes longer but gives a more dramatic result.

After gentle brushing, the corkscrew-like curls softened and opened out a little. The overall look would be great for a night out.

Even the next morning, after sleeping on my hair, it was full of bounce. The Glam Waver and Easy Curl are PS14.99 each, available from and Boots.


AFTER Glam Waver, left, and Easy Curl

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 5, 2018
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