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Take a look inside this Usborne book to learn about your body and how each part works to make you eat, sleep, and play.

Why do you breathe?

Before your body can use the energy which is in your food, the food has to be mixed with oxygen. Oxygen is a gas which is in the air all around you. When you breathe in, you take oxygen into your body.

How you breathe

The air you breathe is sucked up your nose or into your mouth, down your windpipe and into your lungs.

Voice box

The lumpy bit in your neck is your voice box. It is at the top of pipe.

Can you feel a sort of wobbling there when you say a loud "mmm" sound?

When you breathe out, air goes through some stretchy cords in your voice box. If there is enough air, the cords wobble like guitar strings when you play them. This makes sounds. Your mouth shapes the sounds into words.

Usborne starting point Science: what's inside you?

At your local bookstore.

At the ends of the tubes in your lungs are bunches of air sacs. These fill up with air like balloons.

Oxygen seeps through the air sac walls into your blood.

Your blood carries the oxygen round your body. The oxygen mixes with digested food to give you energy.

A waste gas called carbon dioxide is made. Your blood carries this back to your lungs.

When you breathe out, air is squeezed out of your lungs. The air has carbon dioxide in it.

Your chest moves in so there is less space in your lungs.

Air is squeezed out.

Can you feel your chest moving in and out as you breathe?


The sound is the cords in your voice box closing suddenly.

There is a large muscle below your lungs. This moves up and down as you breathe. Sometimes it gets out of control and you get hiccups.

Choking on food

Your windpipe is very close to your gullet.

When you choke on your food, you say it has "gone down the wrong way". This is true. it has gone down your windpipe instead of your gullet.
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