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Take a close look at this tennis gazebo.

Take a close look at this tennis gazebo Playful references to tennis appear in the wooden details of this courtside gazebo. Look carefully and you'll see silhouettes of tennis rackets in the railing walls and the openings beneath the roof gables. Up on the roof, rows of ball-shaped finials delineate the ridge lines. And high above, on a hip-roofed cupola, sits a weathervane that indicates wind direction with a solid wood racket. With its essentially T-shaped floor plan, the gazebo has a 10-foot-wide open front section and two 6-foot-wide side sections (a built-in bar and storage area fit in a shallow, enclosed wing that turns the T into a cross). The side sections contain benches surrounded by low walls. Except for the solid wall behind the bar, the structure is open: the roof sits on 4-by-4 posts, so the view of the court is unobstructed. Panels of diagonally oriented, wide-spaced lattice add a decorative element and frame garden views from the side benches. The racket shapes in the railing walls are alternately right side up and inverted. Half of each shape was cut in a 30-inch-long piece of 1-by-8 and matched up to its mirror image. The pairs of 1-by-8s were sandwiched between 1-by-1s at top and bottom of the 2-by-8 railings. Landscape architect Bill Derringer, of Atherton, California, designed the gazebo for owners Nancy and John Williford.

PHOTO : Shapes of rackets and balls decorate sides and roof. Flat-roofed section houses wet bar

PHOTO : beneath high window
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Date:Jun 1, 1988
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