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Take a PM lift.

Use the Handholds

The crane's swing/auxiliary hoist control lever, known as the joystick, is no handhold for climbing into and out of the cab.

The joystick is not strong enough to support your weight. A busted joystick puts your crane out of action until a new one is installed. With that new joystick comes a $140 bill!

Instead, use the handholds attached to either side of the cab door.

Use Stowage Box

Remind yourself to do some housekeeping after the day's run.

That is, never leave the crane's lifting slings, cables, chains or pile drive attachments on the vehicle's superstructure when you're done with them. Anything left behind can get lost when the crane moves, or cause you to slip and fall off the vehicle.

Put the items where they belong--in the stowage box next to the cab carrier--so they're out of the way, won't get lost, and you'll know where to find them.

Hook Block Lube

Without lube, the block's sheaves, trunnion and thrust bearings can seize up. That causes excessive wear and tear on the crane hoist cables and hook block sheaves.

For smooth crane operation, lube the hook block with GAA monthly or every 100 hours like it says on Page 1-4-9 of TM 5-3810-307-24-1-1.

Grease Fitting Caps

What's a good idea? How 'bout using protective caps on the hook block's grease fittings?

These caps keep the fittings clean and unclogged. It's easier to take the cap off when it's time to lube than it is to replace the fittings because they won't take grease.

You can order protective caps with NSN 4730-00-289-8148.
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