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Take a DAU online resources tour.

The Defense Acquisition University recently launched a tour of its online resources to raise awareness of DAU online assets and better communicate the resources available to assist the AT & L workforce. The online tour features six major DAU online resources:

* DAU home page

* AT & L Knowledge Sharing System (AKSS)

* Acquisition Community Connection (ACC)

* Defense Acquisition Guidebook

* Virtual Campus

* Virtual Library.

The tour provides a brief description of each of the online resources, the key benefits, and the most popular features of each asset. The tour invites users to explore each of the resource assets in more depth by providing direct links to each resource. A second phase of the online tour is in development at press time and scheduled for completion in November 2005; it will focus on how to use DAU online resources to support specific job tasks. The DAU point of contact for the online tour is
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Title Annotation:Spotlight on DAU Learning Resources
Publication:Defense AT & L
Date:Nov 1, 2005
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