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Take One's 2001 survey.

In an effort to give the best possible overview of Canadian cinema, Take One will now publish not only its annual survey of features and documentaries released in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the largest market for English-Canadian film in the world, but also the annual Canada Top Ten poll inaugurated by the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2001, plus the complete results of the Canadian Film Awards, the Genies, and the Quebec Film Awards, Prix Jutra. Ironically, in one of those twist of dates that plague Canadian films, 2001 was the year of Zacharias Kunuk's Atanarjuat, even though the film didn't open commercially until 2002. The Inuit-language film already ranks as one of the most astounding ethnographic films ever made and should go on to do well at the box office, especially in Europe. The French-language film of the year is Andre Turpin's Un Crabe dans la tete, a big winner at prix Jutra, and Bruce Sweeney's Last Wedding takes the English-speaking top honours, even though it was scandalo usly overlooked at the Genies. Take One's choice for the best Canadian film of 2001 is Last Wedding, Sweeney's scathing look at the contempory male beast. Sweeney is a big West Coast talent waiting to break through into the mainstream of Canadian cinema.

Canadian Films Released in the GTA, 2001

Thirty-five Canadian features and documentaries where released in 2001 in the Greater Toronto Area and are listed below by how many weeks the film played (the number of weeks in parenthesis).

Last Wedding, Bruce Sweeney (10)

Ginger Snaps, John Fawcett (8)

MVP2: Most Vertical Primate, Robert Vince (8)

Lost and Delirious, Lea Pool (5)

The Widow of Saint Pierre, Patrice Leconte (5)

Century Hotel, David Weaver (4)

The Claim, Michael Winterbottom (4)

Hey, Happy!, Noam Gonick (4)

The Art of Woo, Helen Lee (3)

Cafe Ole, Richard Roy (3)

Love Come Down, Clement Virgo (3)

Possible Worlds, Robert Lepage (3)

The Perfect Son, Leonard Farlinger (3)

Treed Murray, William Phillips (3)

The Uncles, Jim Allodi (3)

Varian's War, Lionel Chetwynd (3)

Deeply, Sheri Elwood (2)

Between the Moon and Montevideo, Attila Bartalan (2)

Eisenstein, Renny Bartlett (2)

The Law of Enclosures, John Greyson (2)

Left Behind: The Movie, Vic Sarin (2)

Lunch with Charles, Michael Parker (2)

Johnny Greyeyes, Jorge Manzano (2)

Marine Life, Anne Wheeler (2)

On the Nose, David Caffrey (2)

Parsley Days, Andrea Dorfman (2)

Protection, Bruce Spangler (2)

Spirits of Havana, Bay Weyman and Luis 0. Garcia (2)

The War Bride, Lyndon Chubbuck (2)

Apartment Hunting, Bill Robinson (1)

Desire, Colleen Murphy (1)

The Left Side of the Fridge, Philippe Falardeau (1)

La Loi du cochon, Erik Canuel (1)

Les Muses orphelines, Robert Favreau (1)

Tar Angel, Denis Chouinard (1)

TIFF's 2001 Canada Top Ten

Selected by a 10-member national panel of filmmakers, festival programmers, journalists and industry professionals. Listed alphabetically.

Atanarjuat, Zacharias Kunuk

Un Crab dons la tete, Andre Turpin

La Femme qui bait, Bernard Emond

Ginger Snaps, John Fawcett

The Heart of the World, Guy Maddin

Khaled, Asghar Massombagi

Last Wedding, Bruce Sweeney

Mariages, Catherine Martin

Parsley Days, Andrea Dorfman

The Uncles, Jim Allodi

2002 Genie Awards

Picture -- Atanarjuat (Zacharias Kunuk, Norman Cohn, Paul Apak Angilirq, Germaine Ying-Gee Wong)

Director -- Zacharias Kunuk, Atanarjuat

Original Screenplay -- Paul Apak Angilirq, Atanarjuat

Actor -- Brendan Fletcher, The Law of Enclosures

Actress -- Elise Guilbault, La Femme qui boit

Supporting Actor -- Vincent Gale, Last Wedding

Supporting Actress -- Molly Parker, Last Wedding

Cinematography -- Pierre Gill, Lost and Delirious

Editing -- Zacharias Kunuk, Norman Cohn, Marie-Christine Sarda, Atanarjuat

Art Direction -- The War Bride

Costumes -- The War Bride

Musical Score -- Atanarjuat

Song -- The Art of Woo

Sound Editing -- Treed Murray

Overall Sound -- Treed Murray

Feature Documentary -- Westray

Live-Action Short -- The Heart of the World from Preludes

Animated Short -- The Boy Who Saw the Iceberg

Claude Jutra Award -- Zacharias Kunuk, Atanarjuat

2002 Prix Jutra

Picture -- Un Crabe dans la tete (Luc Dery, Joseph Hillel)

Director -- Andre Turpin, Un Crabe dans la tete

Screenplay -- Andre Turpin, Un Crabe dans la tete

Actor -- Luc Picard, 15 fevrier 1839

Actress -- Elise Guilbault, La Femme qui boit

Supporting Actor -- Emmanuel Bilodeau, Un Crabe dans la tete

Supporting Actress -- Sylvie Drapeau, 15 fevrier 1839

Cinematography -- Andre Turpin, Un Crabe dans la tete

Editing -- Sophie Leblond, Un Crabe dans la tete

Art Direction -- 15 fevrier 1839

Sound -- 15 fevrier 1839

Musical Score -- Un Crabe dans la tete

Documentary -- Le Minot d'or

Short Film -- Remembrance

Animated Short -- Ame noire
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