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Take Me to Your Leaders.

Due to the publicity about youth and drug addiction, gang violence and selfish consumerism, many people feel despair when they think about the country's future leaders. James Garner, the host for this presentation, reassures viewers that America has hundreds of thousands of hope-inspiring children and youth who are already preparing for tomorrow's leadership roles.

The video profiles several remarkable young leaders. A 10-year-old girl who led her classmates in a tree planting project successfully takes her program to the state and federal levels. The musical and directing gifts of an 18-year-old are used to fight racial strife in Miami by uniting 100 culturally diverse youths in a musical production. Another youth seeks solutions to the same problem in another city by teaming racially mixed groups in community service projects. Leadership training programs highlighted in the video include a mock state political convention for young people, the United States Air Force Academy and a program for outstanding college juniors offered by the Center for Creative Leadership.

All who feel discouraged about the character and morality of our young can take heart from this video. The young should particularly benefit by seeing such positive role models and exciting opportunities for themselves and their country.
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Author:Stanford, Beverly Hardcastle
Publication:Childhood Education
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Date:Mar 22, 1993
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