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Take 2.

New Crime-Fighting Weapon

Police kill woman with meat cleaver at school

(Dallas Morning News)

Don't Miss This One!

Sex offender meeting Feb. 3

(Beaver Dam, Wisconsin's Daily Citizen)

Correction from Hell

A story on Page 1A of Sunday's editions about a note that Jacqueline Kennedy wrote to Ethel Kennedy in June 1968 incorrectly referred to Mrs. Kennedy as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. She did not marry Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis until October 1968. A graphic accompanying the story on Page 28A said the name "Stas" in the note referred to Mr. Onassis. Instead, it was a reference to Stanislaw Radziwill, brother-in-law of Mrs. Kennedy. Also, a photo caption on that page transposed the identities of Jacqueline and Ethel Kennedy.

(Dallas Morning News)

Run For Your Lives!!!

Yemen Bomb Set to Go Off in 17 Minutes

(Daily Beast)

No Breaks for Elite New York Universities!

He opposed free trade agreements with Korea and Columbia ...

(Huffington Post)


The best advice is to not drive if alcohol is consumed.

(from an article headlined "Drinking, driving advice offered" in Wisconsin's Watertown Daily News)

Winning Headline


(New York's Daily News cover headline, teasing to a story about the appointment of Hearst Magazines Chairman Cathie Black, who has no education experience and whose children went to private schools, as chancellor of the New York City schools)

Winning Line

"In other national security news, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called WikiLeaks 'the most serious invasion of privacy since Facebook.'"

(humorist Andy Borowitz)

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