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Taiwan gov't moves to help WiMAX operators set up networks in China.

Taipei, July 24, 2009 (CENS) -- Officials of Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs will visit their counterparts of mainland China in August to discuss the locations for the field-test WiMAX networks that the mainland already agrees to allow Taiwanese service providers to set up.

According to informed sources, the Chinese authorities will limit the locations to secondary cities. Primary cities like Beijing and Shanghai are prohibited.

Government officials from the two sides of the Taiwan Strait reached an agreement a few days ago at a conference held in Taipei to allow the establishment of field-test networks of next-generation mobile systems in each other's side. The mainland will set up networks in Taiwan to test TD-SCDMA system. Likely locations include Taipei and Hsinchu.

The mainland plans to set up disaster-rescue and relief-aid networks on broadband mobile networks, posing business opportunities to WiMAXequipment and WiMAX-service providers.

WiMAX-equipment manufacturers including MediaTek, Zyxel Telecom, Accton Technology, and Tecom are likely to join Taiwan's government officials to visit the mainland in August.

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Publication:The Taiwan Economic News
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Date:Jul 24, 2009
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