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Taiwan boat caught with huge illegal shark fin haul.

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A Taiwan-flagged boat has been caught with an illegal haul of more than 100 shark fins and is being escorted back to a home port, Taiwanese authorities said.

Five shark carcasses and 110 shark fins were found on the vessel in an "obvious violation of shark finning", Taiwan's Fisheries Agency said in a statement late Friday.

The boat was carrying over 10 tons of fish, including yellow fin tuna, an amount "significantly discrepant" to that recorded in the vessel's logbooks, the agency said.

The boat was being escorted back to a home port by a Taiwan patrol vessel for further investigation.

Environmental activist group Greenpeace earlier this month boarded the boat, accusing her crew of operating illegally near Papua New Guinea.


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Title Annotation:Breaking News
Publication:Manila Bulletin
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Date:Sep 19, 2015
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