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Taiwan President warns democratic nations of malicious fake news from China.

President Tsai Ing-wen said Thursday malicious fake news coming from China and spread on the internet has brought negative impacts on democratic countries.

President Tsai met with a delegation from the Washington-based think tank, the Atlantic Council, on Thursday, for the third time since taking office in 2016. The delegation was led by Philip Breedlove, former NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe and current director of the think tank.

Speaking of the prevalence of malicious fake news on the internet, some of which the president believes has come from China in an attempt to sway public opinion around the globe, President Tsai warned the international community that such maneuvers have brought negative impacts on the operations of democratic nations.

Following the visit of James Stavridis to Taipei at the end of August, Breedlove is the second former NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe visiting Taiwan within a month. President Tsai described the visits of Stavridis and Breedlove as showing the important role Taiwan plays in keeping the Indo-Pacific peaceful and stable.

The president reiterated her earlier statement that a robust relationship between Taiwan and the United States is an imperative foundation for the peace, stability, and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region. She also urged more exchanges between the two nations in improving Taiwan's defense capability and securing the Taiwan Strait and the whole region.

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Publication:Taiwan News (Taipei, Taiwan)
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Date:Sep 20, 2018
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