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Taiwan Mobile tops Taiwan's telecom peers in earnings.

Taipei, Sept. 19, 2012 (CENS) -- Taiwan Mobile Corp. led its domestic telecom industry peers in earnings in August, with NT$0.51 per diluted share in after-tax net income.

In the meantime, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. had NT$0.46 per share while Far EasTone Telecom Co., Ltd. made NT$0.31.

Taiwan Mobile remains the top profit maker in terms of Jan.-Aug. earnings among the three providers with after-tax net income of NT$3.69 per share, compared with Chunghwa's NT$3.59 and Far EasTone's NT$2.19.

In August, Taiwan Mobile netted NT$1.38 billion (US$46 million at US$1: NT$30) in consolidated revenue of NT$8.31 billion (US$277 million). In the Jan.-Aug. period, the company raked in cumulative after-tax net income of NT$9.91 billion (US$330 million) on consolidated revenue of NT$64.31 billion (US$2.1 billion).

Taiwan Mobile's spokesperson and chief finance officer, Rosie Yu, pointed out the company's revenue for August grew 4% year on year thanks to sales increase of its mobile Internet connection business. She said the Jan.-Aug. after-tax net income result met the company's target of accomplishing 69% of its projected goal for this year.

Chunghwa scored non-consolidated revenue of NT$16.02 billion (US$534 million) in August, decreasing 7.5% year on year. After-tax net income was NT$3.53 billion (US$117 million), down 4.4% year on year. The company's revenue from mobile communications service rose 0.6% in August year on year thanks to a 32.5% revenue surge of its value-added mobile service.

Throughout the Jan.-Aug. period the company had total revenue of NT$125.8 billion (US$4.19 billion), attaining 66.6% of its projected goal for this year. After-tax net income was NT$27.83 billion (US$927.66 million), constituting 71.1% of its annual goal.

Far EasTone raked in after-tax net income of NT$1.02 billion (US$34.06 million) on consolidated revenue of NT$7.35 billion (US$245.3 million). Total consolidated revenue and after-tax net income for the Jan.-Aug. period were NT$57.3 billion (US$1.91 billion) and NT$7.15 billion (US$238.3 million), respectively.

Far EasTone spokesman, Alison Kao, pointed out that the company's revenue from non-voice services continued growing thanks to increased prevalence of value-added mobile applications.
Stock Company EPS for Jan.- 2012 Target Target attainment
code Aug. Period ratio

2412 Chunghwa NT$3.59 NT$5.05 71.1%
3045 Taiwan Mobile NT$3.69 NT$5.34 69%
4904 Far EasTone NT$2.19 NT$3.08 71.1%

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Author:Liu, Ken
Publication:The Taiwan Economic News
Date:Sep 19, 2012
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