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Taiwan Delivers Creative Consumer Gadgets at CES.

Design Power That Eases and Simplifies Digital Devices Push Taiwan to the Top

LAS VEGAS -- Twenty years ago the electronics joke of the time was how to program the VCR's clock and turn on the TV with one remote. However, with today's mixture of iPods, LCD TVs, DVD players, mobile phones, Pocket PCs, and notebooks, the joke seems a bit dated.

While the number of digital devices in our pockets and backpacks these days has risen, this has not necessarily corresponded to a rise in aggravation in learning how to use these consumer gadgets.

Digital devices have become ubiquitous due to their ease of use and eye catching designs. These traits have helped Taiwan's star shine bright at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Eureka! Eee PC

Emblematic of the design innovation coming from Taiwan is the Eee PC from notebook and motherboard manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer (Asus). The Eee PC is the world's first truly ultra notebook computer.

Measuring in with a 7-inch compact design and weighing less than 1 kg (0.92 kg / 2.03 lbs), the Eee PC is a robust notebook for work and play, with more than 40 applications, including word processing, Internet, and internet messaging.

The Eee PC features built-in WiFi 802.11 b/g Internet connectivity, and utilizes a 4GB solid state disk memory solution to prevent memory loss from shocks or bumps. Its ultra-portable design makes it the perfect complement for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Asus has already picked up more than 20 awards and recommendations from media around the world since the launch of the Eee PC in mid-October. In addition, around the world consumer demand has nearly sold out the Eee PC in each market it has entered.

Asus' commitment to design and branding helped it secure the top spot in the 2007 Taiwan Top Brands ceremony. The ceremony awards the leading international brands from Taiwan, and illustrates the increasing power Taiwan brands exert over consumers' hearts and preferences.

Cool connections

While our backs start to strain with the number of digital consumer electronics we carry, Taiwan is also providing new solutions in connectivity to integrate our devices and keep in contact with one another, when we're not surfing online or downloading music, that is.

Ranking in at numbers six and seven in the Branding Taiwan ceremony this year were D-Link Systems and ZyXEL Communications, two of Taiwan's premier purveyors of Internet connectivity devices.

D-Link plans to showcase several of its cutting-edge products designed to enhance the digital home, including its MediaLounge DSM-750 Wireless N High-Definition Media Center Extender, Wireless USB 4-Port Hub (DUB-2240), Xtreme N GamerLounge Gaming Router (DGL-4500), and Wi-Fi Picture Frame (DSM-210).

The DSM-750 features dual-band wireless Draft 802.11n technology for fast Wi-Fi performance, making the wireless streaming of high-definition (HD) video possible. It also offers content from more than 21 providers - including sports, movies and other entertainment.

D-Link's Wireless USB 4-Port Hub (DUB-2240) allows users to wirelessly connect USB devices, such as printers, scanners, digital cameras and external hard drives, to certified wireless USB-enabled notebooks or desktop PCs, effectively providing the convenience of plug-and-play connectivity.

Designed especially for online video game enthusiasts, the D-Link Xtreme N Gaming Router (DGL-4500) is powered by Xtreme N Duo wireless technology for fast data transfer rates and Gigabit Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) ports to provide optimal gaming speeds.

The D-Link Wi-Fi Photo Frame (DSM-210) is designed to enhance the home entertainment experience by allowing users to view their favorite photos and videos easily and conveniently anywhere in the home. It is an interactive photo frame housing a high-resolution 10" LCD display that receives content over a wireless home network.

ZyXEL will put on display some of its award-winning connectivity devices at the CES show, including the P660HWP all-in-one ADSL2+ gateway solution, which was named a CES Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Honoree in the Home Networking Product category.

The P660HWP all-in-one ADSL2+ gateway is the first and only product in the market with built-in HomePlug AV technology in a single device. With ZyXEL's Power Line HomePlug technology, consumers can turn their existing power lines into a high-speed network.

The win complements ZyXEL's performance at the 2007 Taiwan Excellence Awards, where the company picked up a Taiwan Excellence Gold Award for its NBG-318S and PLA-401 Homeplug AV Powerline Kit.

The NBG-318S is an all-in-one solution router with the features necessary to complete your digital home. Combined with the PLA401 plugged into the outlet for a network connection, consumers can easily set up a powerline wireless network.

ZyXEL also picked up three Taiwan Excellence Silver Awards for its MAX-100 and MAX-200 802.16e WiMAX PC card/CPE; its NSA-220 and DMA-1000W Digital Media Storage/Adapt Kit; and its P-2302HWUDL-P1 V250 DECT VoIP 5-in-1 SuperCombo.

Stealing the show

While the big international brand names definitely draw crowds with their fancy booth designs, CES is also the time where smaller companies can steal the show with their cool consumer electronic devices. Many of the "next wave" trends coming out of CES have been driven by Taiwan companies such as these.

A-DATA Technology, one of Taiwan's largest manufacturers of Flash-based USB devices, will present its Taiwan Excellence Gold Award winning Mini-Cube 1-inch HDD. The Mini Cube boasts 12GB of storage capacity and features a one-touch button for data backup and a USB port that allows 180 degree swiveling.

A-DATA will also put on display its new digital photo frame, which combines an LCD screen that displays a digital photo with an MP3 player and speaker for multimedia capability.

Transcend Information, another of Taiwan's leading producers of Flash memory solutions, will highlight its T.sonic line of MP3 players. The T.sonic features a 1.8-inch color TFT-LCD high resolution screen for video and photo playback, and a 3-phase wheel for easy navigation.

With much deserved attention being placed on information security these days, Transcend will also highlight its JetFlash Fingerprint USB Flash Drives, which integrates a fingerprint scanner for added security protection.

The JetFlash Fingerprint USB Flash Devices make it easy to safely store personal files and sensitive office documents, but also allow users to automatically log on to any website for which they have a registered account.

Jazz Hipster, a Taiwan-based original design manufacturer (ODM) of speaker products will also be making its presence felt at this year's CES.

Jazz, which makes computer and home theater speakers for brand name companies, will show off its wireless speaker technology, allowing consumers to eliminate messy speaker wiring from their homes. In addition, Jazz manufactures a wide range of 5.1, 2.1, and USB-related speaker solutions.

While technology continues to evolve to new standards, Taiwan remains at the focal point, delivering high-quality products with innovative designs, helping place digital devices in our hands and our lives. No matter what the product or solution, Taiwan can deliver.

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