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Taiwan's semiconductor industry posts hefty growth in Q2.

Taipei, Aug. 21, 2009 (CENS)--In the second quarter alone, Taiwan's semiconductor revenue soared 47.1% quarter on quarter, at NT$299.4 billion (US$9 billion at US$1:NT$33), at a time when global market of the products grew 16.9% pace, according to a Taiwan-government backed market research institute.

Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center (IEK), which tracks information-technology market, recently released the survey.

In spite of the steep growth rate, Taiwan's semiconductor sector posted a 16.7% recession from same period a year earlier, compared with the average 20.1% contraction for the industry as a whole during the comparable period, according to the institute.

The institute ascribes the hefty Q2 growth of Taiwan's semiconductor industry mostly to rush orders from mainland China triggered by government's stimulus measures and recovering inventory replenishments at consumer-electronics retailers.

For the island's chip design segment alone, the revenue for last quarter was NT$93.2 billion (US$2.8 billion), up 24.6% from a quarter earlier whereas down 3.4% from the same quarter of last year. The revenue for chip-making sector posted at NT$136.2 billion (US$4 billion), shooting up 69.2% quarter on quarter although losing 23.7% from comparable quarter last year.

Taiwan's chip packaging segment had revenue of NT$49 billion (US$1.4 billion) throughout last quarter, gaining 46.3% from a quarter earlier whereas contracting 16.9% from the same quarter last year. Revenue generated by the island's chip testers as whole was NT$21 billion (US$636 million) last quarter, surging 41.9% from a quarter but dropping 18.3% year on year.

Last quarter along, 127.3 billion integrated-circuit chips were shipped worldwide, generating a total of US$51.7 billion in revenue, up 16.9% from a quarter earlier although down 20.1%. The unit shipment volume represented a 31.3% increase from a quarter earlier whereas a 13.3% decline from the same quarter last year.

The U.S. market for the chips sold was US$8.7 billion last quarter, growing 11.8% from the first quarter this year although slipping 14.5%. Sales in the Japan market were US$9 billion last quarter, up 17.9% from a quarter earlier whereas down 24.5% from same quarter last year. European market for the chips inched up only 0.5% last quarter, to US$6.6 billion, but slumped 34.7% year on year. Non-Japan Asian market for the chips totaled US$27.4 billion, rising 23.2% from a quarter earlier whereas declining 15.7% year on year.

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Publication:The Taiwan Economic News
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Date:Aug 21, 2009
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