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Taiwan's economic growth may slow down in second-half: TIER.

Taipei, Aug. 31, 2010 (CENS) -- Taiwan's index monitoring the manufacturing industry edged up 0.24 of a percentage point to 116.88 in July and that of service industry fell 2.61 percentage points to 124.43, according to Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER), a major economic think tank in Taiwan.

Among the industries monitored, banking showed better performance in July than the previous month and is predicted to continue to improve over the next six months; while construction experienced the opposite.

Chen Miao, director of the Center for Economic Forecasting at TIER, predicted that Taiwan's economic growth in the second half will slow down, without exceeding that in the first half.

The percentage of manufacturers surveyed who foresaw better economic climate in July declined by 6.4 percentage points from that of a month earlier, and the percentage of who foresee better climate in the next six months also dropped 4.7 percentage points to 29.4%.

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Title Annotation:Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
Author:Li, Judy
Publication:The Taiwan Economic News
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Date:Aug 31, 2010
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