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Taiwan's LED industry alliance changes to meet trend.

Taipei, Dec. 25, 2012 (CENS)--The Taiwan LED Streetlight Alliance recently was renamed as the Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Alliance to meet wider applications of LED lighting.

Founded in 2008 with 30 members until the recent transformation, the streetlight alliance was supported by the government-backed Industrial Technology Research Organization (ITRI), while the new alliance has 31 members and two sponsors, including ITRI and the manufacturers from upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.

According to ITRI, global LED-lighting market will post compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32% in 2010-2012, with estimated 2020 revenue of 55 billion euro (US$71.5 billion) accounting for a half of global lighting market. Lighting fixtures and systems are projected to constitute 36.6 billion (US$47.5 billion) of the 2020 LED lighting market.

According to C.H. Tong, ITRI's vice president and the general director of the Institute's Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories, the new alliance aims to complete the CNS 15233 industry standard for the island's LED streetlights, analyze and evaluate LED streetlight reliability and characteristic changes in a two-year period, sign a mutual-recognition agreement with the Fujian Province authorities on LED standards, survey consumer attitude on LED streetlights as guidelines for future improvements, and develop cooperation on LED streetlight installations in Poland, Malaysia and Australia via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tong said the new alliance will focus on cooperation among members in manufacturing, standard setting, marketing, distribution, R&D and funding for global presence.

The ITRI executive noted that Taiwan has around 19% of global LED-lighting market and was the world's No.3 LED manufacturer in output value last year. The Taiwan LED streetlight and household lighting markets provide the island's manufacturers a sound testing ground for their global plans.
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Author:Liu, Ken
Publication:The Taiwan Economic News
Date:Dec 25, 2012
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