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Taipei AMPA and AutoTronics Taipei 2011 draw more exhibitors.

The 27th Taipei Int'l Auto Parts & Accessories Show (2011 Taipei AMPA) and the 6th Taipei International Automobile Electronics Show (2011 AutoTronics Taipei), held April 12-15 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, are the largest of their kinds and promoted as the world's most important trade fairs for the automotive parts and electronics sectors.

Some 1,100 companies from 11 countries took part across 2,800 booths, with the number of exhibitors growing 5% from the previous edition; while the national pavilions set by groups from Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea and China gave this year's event the highest global representation in show history, says the organizer the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA).

Visitors saw improved products from the local exhibitors who tap innovation and manufacturing capability to achieve better functionality; while the existing information and communication technology (ICT), semiconductor, electro-mechanical, and precision processing lines enable Taiwan auto parts makers to gradually set trends rather than be mere OEMs and subcontractors.

The aftermarket (AM) replacement parts exhibitors, whose major output is exported, also proved to visitors their rapid advancement and diversification capability, which help to further enhance global competitiveness and image.

Automotive-electronics makers in Taiwan, backed by software, firmware, and hardware development capabilities, also displayed advanced systems, especially in-car infotainment, active and passive safety, and other innovative items, with many having become tier-1 suppliers to global automakers.

Industry experts say that Taiwan suppliers will likely see improved sales backed by effective cost-control, strong product development and innovation, rising demand from China after the signing of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA), which will rid of duties on many auto parts shipped to China by 2012.

High-end Infotainment Unit

E-Lead Electronic Co., Ltd., a major original equipment (OE) automotive infotainment system supplier to international automakers, showcased its latest high-end infotainment system.

According to Bill Wu, the sales manager, the new infotainment system has built-in 3D gyroscope for enhanced GPS navigation, a 600 Mz central processor, WinCE 6.0 OS, and built-in Bluetooth, as well as an eight-inch digital touch screen, multi-lingual compatibility, iPod connectively, FM/AM radio, and multi-compatibility with ATV/DTV/CCD rearview camera/roof-mount monitor/steering wheel control etc. In addition, Wu said, the unit has the world's first synchronous lyrics for MP3 playback.

Wu displayed another innovative product or concept. The maker has developed a universal infotainment system and head unit fully certified with international standards or requirements by global automakers, so customers and especially automakers can adopt the WinCE-based infotainment system immediately, with E-Lead customizing face plates accordingly. Wu stresses the system greatly shortens the developmental period to cut cost, upgrade system stability, and help E-Lead to evade underselling, with E-Lead being the world's only one with such concept.

E-Lead supplies infotainment systems to many major automakers in China and Taiwan, and is also a major supplier to many big Japanese and American assembly plants in Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil and Europe.

3 Main Categories

The 2011 Taipei AMPA and 2011 AutoTronics focus on three categories: Applications of Automotive LEDs, Automotive Safety and Security, and New Energy for Automobiles, with many major auto-parts and accessory makers in attendance, including TYC Brothers, Depo, Gordon, Just, Mobiletron and many more.

TAITRA says the massive earthquake in Japan is expected to divert orders to Taiwan suppliers to help buyers hedge risks.

In addition, the 2011 Taipei AMPA and Autotronics Taipei are timely scheduled before the Auto Shanghai auto and parts show, held April 19-28, to generate synergy to bring more international buyers to Asia, TAITRA says.

Pure Carbon Wheel

Kyo Wa Racing Co., Ltd., a major aluminum wheel maker in Taiwan, ISO 9001:2000-certified and rolling out an average of 250,000 wheels per year for global sales, launched its first pure-carbon wheels at the show. Company president Max Chen says Kyo Wa is one of the only four globally producing such top-end products, with one having dropped out late last year. The maker also debuted its own Carbonessio brand to market globally the high-end, premium-priced wheels.

Without setting the pace, Kyo Wa decided to focus on producing pure-carbon wheels, emulating counterparts in Germany, Japan and the U.K., whose efforts perhaps inspired the company's aim to develop the best, most stylish wheels with the most advanced manufacturing, says Chen.

Kyo Wa's unit price of a pure-carbon wheel is similar to that of a three-piece, high-end forged aluminum wheel; while some super cars such as Lamborghinis adopt pure-carbon wheels, says Chen.

The maker is trying to cut the cost of pure-carbon wheels, which is about 40% lighter than die-cast aluminum wheels or about 15% to 20% lighter than forged aluminum rims. Pure-carbon wheels are sold in small volume to a small group of consumers, but will likely grow in popularity like other top-end auto parts as forged wheels, says Chen.

Improving Driving Safety

Tung Thih Electronic Co., Ltd. (TTE), a leading automotive-electronic system and parts supplier to international automakers in Taiwan, displayed various products at the show.

One is the omni-directional around view monitor (AVM) system with four cameras mounted at the front, back, and both sides of a vehicle. The cameras collect real-time images around a car for the central control unit to integrate into fully detailed, 360-degree panorama displayed on the in-car screen. When passing through an intersection, the cameras monitor the 180-degree or left and right sides ahead the vehicle, enabling the driver to see coming vehicles.

Michael Liao, vice manager of overseas sales, says the company is working to integrate the whole AVM system in one application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) to sizably cut cost, with the new system to be adopted by an automaker by the end of 2011.

A lane departure warning system (LDWS) with a single camera, electronic control unit (ECU) and buzzer was also shown. The camera is mounted behind the rearview mirror for unobstructed view, and the LDWS is activated upon speeds over 60 kilometers per hour (Kph), with the buzzer sounding once a vehicle swerves across a lane, also beeping a driver who fails to signal.

TTE supplies automotive-electronics to automakers in Taiwan, China, the U.S., and elsewhere, operating one plant in Taiwan and another two in China that roll out OE parts for international auto-making joint ventures there, says Liao.

TTE is also one of the world's largest makers of parking sensors that are patented, ultrasonic, accurate but lower priced. The maker is also working on a pedestrian detection system/auto brake system, integrated reverse monitoring system, says Liao.

RC RV/Yacht Tent

Sportsman Corp. displayed a remote-controlled electric tent for yachts and RVs, which enables outdoor enthusiasts with recreational vehicles (RVs) and boats to protect their investments at inconvenient locations. The RV/yacht tent is 7.8 meters long, four meters wide, and 3.4 meters high, achieving an easy, low-cost way to guard RVs, vehicles and boats from rain, dust and exposure.

The tent's front cover (or door) is remote-controlled, with a back door that is unfolded manually with a well-designed, small, lightweight mechanism.

Jack Chen, the chairman, says his company, with ample knowledge and experience, is one of the world's leading makers of functional, durable, high-end tents selling to campers worldwide.

The RV/yacht tent is roomy, Chen says, but know-how in structural design enables Sportsman to achieve maximum strength with minimum supports, hence lightweight, to keep cost down. The RV/yacht tent is the first of its kind that is gaining flooding inquiries says Chen.

Taiwan's Top Friction-material Maker

Fred Cheng, president of the Nan Hoang Traffic Instrument Co., Taiwan's largest manufacturer of friction material, launched its YangPo brand at the show, indicating a move to advance business, also announcing several ambitious projects for the company's 50th anniversary this year, an event to be celebrated with an understated party.

Nan Hoang will upgrade technical level in products, despite leading global counterparts. The maker will soon begin supplying high-end brake pads to a Japanese customer for use in wind generators, with the agreement marking a milestone for Nan Hoang in high-tech applications, says Cheng.

The maker will also supply top-end frictional materials for high-speed train and mass rapid transit (MRT) trains, and is developing samples that are expected to soon pass all needed certifications.

Nan Hoang is scheduled to produce more friction parts for super sports cars, racers to upgrade its market position.

Fourth, Nan Hoang is exploring supply chains of global makers of passenger cars, trucks, agricultural machines, motorcycles and bicycles, having signed an agreement with a American automaker and sent sample for approval.

Fifth, Nan Hoang aims to be a green manufacturer, having been using eco-friendly formula in production and is working on advanced formula to meet the non-copper requirement from major American automakers.

The maker will also set up a new factory next to its existing plant, which was inaugurated two years ago but already fully utilized.

Finally between 2011 and 2013, Nan Hoang will steadily install the world's most advanced testing and inspection equipment for automotive friction materials and parts.

Established in 1961, Nan Hoang has developed about 7,000 kinds of products that are popular with global auto/motorcycle makers, first-tier parts brands, and aftermarket (AM) parts customers; while meeting quality certifications as ECE R90, TUV as well as test standards including SAE, JASO, DIN, CNS make the friction products especially sought-after in high-performance markets.
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