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Taipei, Taiwan.

SONG OF PENSIVE BEHOLDING: The Taiwan Performing Arts Center (a.k.a. the National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center) dates back to 1987 as a presenter, but it's only produced new shows since 2008. The first two displayed the range toward which TPAC aspires: an opera called Mackay--The Black Bearded Bible Man, about: a missionary doctor who spent his life with the Taiwanese people; and Robert Wilson's latest return to the Woolf text Orlando as a solo vehicle for a major actress. TPAC's third major production, Song of Pensive Bebolding, is the brainchild of choreographer Lin Lee-chen and her Legend Lin Dance Theater, which for eight years has been working on a meditative trilogy about the connection of humans to the earth and to one another. Lin's company may not be quite as widely known as Taiwan's well-traveled Cloud Gate Dance Theater, but the first two parts of the trilogy, Mirrors of Life and Hymn to the Falling Flowers, have had high-profile engagements at major festivals and have toured to Western European countries, Mexico and the U.S. The final chapter focuses on the spirits of nature, according to Lin's poetic explanation of its themes: "The river of Life is mutable. And desires are variable and multiple. Changes therefore is a basic condition we rehearse every day." Lin has influenced her country's performance scene since her 1970s tenure as a dance teacher and choreographer at Chang-An Women's School, where she earned notice for pieces choreographed for as many as 100 dancers at a time. Her current venture, firmly grounded in Taiwanese myths and rituals, marks her return to the dance-theatre world following a long hiatus to raise her children. (Dec. 18-20; (866) 2-3393-9888; event.


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Title Annotation:GLOBAL SPOTLIGHT; plays in Taiwan
Author:Taylor, Nicole Estvanik
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Date:Dec 1, 2009
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