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Tainan man electrocuted in shower due to faulty wiring.

After a man in Tainan was electrocuted to death while taking a shower, an electrician has been sentenced to 10 months in jail and ordered to a pay NT$2.38 million (US$80,000) to the family for negligent homicide, after he improperly wired an electric water heater, reported Apple Daily.

On July 8, 2015 an electrician surnamed Hsueh, who held Class B and Class C electrician licenses, installed an electric hot water heater for a man surnamed Hsu (e"+-). However, when he carried out the installation, he connected the wrong wires, resulting in a fault current.

Hsueh also did not properly configure a ground fault interrupter (GFCI), which would draw away any current leak and trip the circuit breaker to shut off power to the device. On Sept. 9, Hsu turned on the faucet and held the metal shower head in his hand, and because of the faulty wiring and a lack of properly installed GFCI, the electricity from the faulty water heater surged into his body, killing him on the spot.

Hsu was survived by his wife, 2-year-old child and 10-month-old baby. His parents also claim that he had been supporting them financially.

In addition to Hsueh's sentence, the head of the design company Hsueh worked for, a man surnamed Kao, was also sentenced to 8 months in jail for negligent homicide, although he was later acquitted after an appeal.

Hsu's family members also sought NT$7.21 million in compensation from the design firm and Kao in a separate civil suit for mental anguish. During the trial, the design company and Kao agreed to jointly pay NT$3.50 million in compensation.

After the civil suit was settled, the family decided to only continue to pursue criminal charges against Hsueh with the judge deciding on the NT$2.38 million fine and jail time. Hsueh can still file for an appeal.

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Publication:Taiwan News (Taipei, Taiwan)
Date:Jan 11, 2018
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